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Another Sneak Peek - Tuck & Cover

Standing outside the hall with a dozen other soldiers, I waited for orders that would start my journey with the Fourth Ranger Training Battalion. Not a single man said a word, but as I studied each one, I could tell they were doing the same thing I was, sizing each other up. One short, stocky soldier stood shuffling nervously from foot to foot, wringing his hands. His hazel eyes shifted constantly, never settling on one thing. I didn't bother reading the name stitched on his shirt; he wouldn't be making it through the first phase. A tall soldier, though still a couple inches shorter than my six foot, four inch height, sneered at me with cold gray eyes when I met his gaze. I wasn't the least bit intimidated. I cocked my head, my lip itching to curl into a smile. I had to give this guy—Thompson, the patch informed me—credit. His agenda was clear: find the biggest and baddest dog and try to bring him to heel. God, I love a challenge, and I hoped this Thompson character would be able to provide me with some entertainment.
The sound of a vehicle pulling in behind me grabbed my attention. Checking out the newest recruits would be more exciting than giving this joker any more consideration. I smiled and winked at him, fighting back laughter when his scowl deepened, and I swear I could hear him growl. All bark and no bite was the first thing that popped into my head. I controlled the urge to roll my eyes until I turned my back on him.
The bus pulled to a halt and all my hard-fought ground of setting aside the desires of the flesh for a man I barely knew flew out the window as a sexy soldier with sapphire blue eyes stepped off the bus.
"Well I'll be a son of a bitch, Tuck!" I yelled excitedly before thinking better of it.
Tuck froze, his eyes going wide, and then a strange look crossed his face. Was it disappointment? I pushed the thought aside. Tuck's mouth was moving as he shook his head slightly, but I couldn't make out what he was saying. My body was on the move before I'd even given it permission to do so. A couple long strides and I had Tuck wrapped in a bear hug. My body instantly went from warm to scorching hot the instant our bodies connected. I ran my hand down the sinew of his back, swallowing a moan that threatened to rise; my other hand fisted in Tuck's shirt, and I pulled him closer. My heart rate went nuts as blood heated and rushed through my system on a fast track to my groin, and I needed a minute to get myself under control. It was a losing battle when Tuck's unique scent enveloped me as my arms surrounded him.
Tuck stayed stiff against me, and I felt a weak pat against my back before I was shoved roughly backward. "Owen, I ummm…" Tuck brought his hand to his mouth and coughed. A fake smile played across Tuck's lips, and I could hear the struggle in his voice to keep it neutral when he said, "Hey Bradford, didn't realize they let people like you into Ranger School."
I couldn't help but be amused by Tuck's discomfort, my eyes roaming down his body appreciatively before I met his gaze again. I licked my bottom lip, the message clear when I teased, "Guess that makes two of us they let in."
A CO standing on the steps to the hall began barking orders. I turned my head for only a second but when I turned back around, Tuck was shouldering his bag and practically running toward the barracks. Sighing, I turned and walked back to my own duffle and picked it up off the ground. Just as I stood, Thompson brushed past, his shoulder bumping mine.
"I take it that was your faggot boyfriend," he said vehemently as he passed.
I stiffened but reined in my shock quickly. I wasn't about to be baited. When the dumb shit glanced back over his shoulder, I was smiling broadly and winked. Laughter burst out of me when Thompson's face deepened to an angry shade of red. He then turned back around and stomped off in the direction of the barracks. I headed in the same direction, my mood apparently much better than his as I continued to laugh.

You may have heard the story of my time in boot camp and Ranger School in Shane Tucker's published diary entitled Battle Buddy. Some of the events he didn't get exactly right.  Here's the way I remember it going down. 

You may have heard the story of my time in boot camp and Ranger School in Shane Tucker's published diary entitled Battle Buddy, but he didn't get all the details exactly right. Tuck will argue the point; but I assure you, a few facts he definitely got wrong. I don't blame him or claim that he lied intentionally. At the time he was, if you remember, a little sexually frustrated; and it may have skewed his thinking just a wee bit. To this day, I still tease him about it. This is my take on our wild and crazy ride.
"Rangers Lead The Way!"
AUTHOR'S ADVISORY: This book contains Badass Army Rangers having hot sex!

Book #2 in the Rough Rangers series Coming November 24th - Now available for Pre-Order
Battle Buddy ( Rough Rangers, #1)
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Shane Tucker joined the Army to hide behind "Don't Ask, Don't Tell". It was working too, until he was paired with sexy Owen Bradford as his Battle Buddy. If boot camp doesn't kill him, the temptation of Owen's sinful body surely will.

Shane Tucker joins Uncle Sam's Army at nineteen. Tucker is gay, but not ready to be open about his orientation and "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" seems like a convenient way to avoid having to dealing with his sexuality.

The Army suits Tucker; he does well right from the beginning. Things get harder for Tucker during boot camp when he is assigned a "Battle Buddy".  Owen Bradford is a walking, talking wet dream, with no concept of personal space--he especially likes being in Tucker's personal space. Tucker barely survives boot camp living with the constant temptation that is Owen Bradford.

Two years later, Tucker--now in the Army Ranger program--is paired up with Owen once again. Getting through training while ignoring the sizzling sexual tension between him and his "Battle Buddy" might be the biggest test of Tucker's military career.

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