Tuesday, November 20, 2012

5 star review for Tuck & Cover

SJD Peterson’s TUCK AND COVER is the sequel to the first book in the Rough Rangers series, BATTLE BUDDY. I love what she has done with these two books and their POVs, and let me tell you why.
Books told in the first person give you an inside look at the motivations and thoughts of one of the MCs. I’ve read books that use first person for two different characters and if not done very skillfully that can confuse the reader.
BATTLE BUDDY is told in first person from Tuck’s POV. When I read this book and reviewed it I admit I was a little bit tangled up by why Owen joined the Army and why he pursued Tuck, who was always angry at Owen.
Ah ha! Those questions are answered in TUCK AND COVER, which is most of the same ground covered again but this time from Owen’s POV. It was great to see events from a different perspective and see everything coming together.
SJD Peterson remains one of my favorite authors because she has a clear style of writing, develops characters who are so realistic and endearing I want to meet them, and ties everything together with a plot that flows smoothly.
Please see my complete review on Release Day, November 24, 2012 at http://mrsconditreadsbooks.com/index....

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