Thursday, October 25, 2012

WIP - Wrong

Today I'm working on "Wrong" Yes, Yes,  Erika I know I'm supposed to be doing edits but.... Tommy just screamed louder than Danny. My good friend S.A. McAuley was reading the prologue on Tuesday and when done she looked up at me and said, "This is just wrong." So I think I picked the perfect title. :)  Anyway here is an inspiration photo and a little snippet.

*Warning, NFWS, it's very explicit and just...Wrong. Read with caution*
(You have been warned)

I am Tommy Rhage. Harsh sadistic prick and most sought out hustler on the streets of Brownsfield. I stand atop the food chain, animalistic, when I bend and break the sycophantic little men who leave their unsuspecting wives and their comfortable homes in the burbs to pay homage to my nine-inch battering ram. Young, old, rich, poor, skinny, fat, each man different, yet what they need from me is always the same. I fuck them hard, and then send them back to their pathetic lives to lick their wounds—limping from the pounding their asses endured or with an aching jaw and raw throat from swallowing my beast.
They always came back for more.
Once they healed. My lip twitched into a lecherous sneer, blood dripping from the corner of my mouth.
I can give it or I can take it like a man.

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