Saturday, October 13, 2012

So what's next you ask....

People have been asking me what's next, now that the Whispering Pines Ranch series is over. Well, I can tell you I have tons of new projects in the works!!

Anderson Brooks
First I've just submitted a new novel called "Plan B" in which this gorgeous creature was the inspiration. It's the story of Danny, a theater major who catches the eye of Lance, a star football player at the University of Michigan.

While Lance is "straight" his growing attraction to Danny becomes almost an obsession. Is it the taboo or is it just Danny, who's body Lance finds a wonderland of sensual delights that calls to him?

Keeping my fingers crossed I hear from the publisher soon.(Patience is not my strong point!)

On November 24th Tuck & Cover will be released. It's the second book in the "Rough Rangers" series. The first book, Battle Buddy, is written like Shane Tucker's diary of his time in Army boot camp and Ranger school. Tuck & Cover is written in much the same way, but is Owen's recollections of boot camp and Ranger training. I'm working on a third book in the series called "Of Their Own Accord" which will be the story of Tuck and Owen's first deployment as Rangers.  I hope to see this one published early in 2013.

However, the project that is screaming at me loudest at the moment is "Wrong" This one is way out of my comfort zone. It does not have a happily ever after or even a happy for now ending. It's harsh, raw and ugly. But a story I feel I need to tell. It's about burning bridges and being treated like you've treated others. It's a major karma bitch slap. I suspect I will have this one completed before leaving for GRL (I hope)

This winter I'll be starting a series, Scotty Cade and I have been researching for the last few months. I will be writing the story of Sam, a poor kid from Detroit who's earned a scholarship to the Citadel based on his academia and athleticism. Scotty will be telling the story of Gus who attends this prestigious military college because it's what is expected of him. This should be an amazing journey to take. If you're gay you do NOT attend the Citadel and if you are, and you do, you damn sure don't let anyone know.  The first book in the series will be entitled "Knob"

And what about the Whispering Pines Ranch series?  I hate to disappoint anyone but YES the series really and truly is over. I have no plans at this time to tell Collin's or Troy's story. However, Riveted will be released as a free ebook in December. Ty didn't get his happily ever after and if anyone deserves it, it's him. Spinoff? Did someone ask about a spinoff? Ty and Blake do have some very....well....let's just say, interesting friends, you'll meet in Riveted. I don't have a series name yet, but besides Ty & Blake, I can tell you one character you'll be running into from the Whispering Pines Ranch series. Does anyone remember Aiden?

So that's it in a nutshell. Lots and Lots to keep me busy well into 2013.


  1. sounds great Jo cannot wait for them all but especially riveted if i am honost :blush:
    Good luck on them all :)
    hugs Danielle

    1. Oh don't blush. You're not the only one Ty ended up being the most talked about character. Seems plenty of peeps want to hear more about him :)


  2. I remember Aiden! Glad to get a cameo from him :)

    Can't wait for more Ty and Blake...I adored their cameo in Conner's story. They are so sigh worthy.

  3. oooh I can't wait for Tuck & Cover!