Monday, May 20, 2013

New Cover for Tuck & Cover

Coming to Dreamspinner Press June 5th 2013

2nd Edition
Battle Buddy:

At nineteen, Shane Tucker joins the army. Tucker is gay but not ready to be open about it, and Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell seems like a convenient way to avoid dealing with his sexuality.

The army suits Tucker; he does well from the beginning. Then, during boot camp, he’s assigned a “battle buddy,” Owen Bradford. Owen is a walking, talking wet dream with no concept of personal space. Tucker only survives the constant temptation by venting to his diary.

Two years later, Tucker—now in the Army Ranger program—is paired up with Owen once again. Getting through training while ignoring the sexual tension between him and his battle buddy might be the biggest test of Tucker’s military career.

Tuck & Cover

You may have read Tuck’s diary entries, but they don’t tell the whole story. Tuck will argue the point, but he definitely got a few details wrong—not that I blame him. He was, if you remember, a little sexually frustrated at the time. He probably wasn’t thinking straight. I’ll never get tired of teasing him about that. Anyway, here’s what really happened.

Rangers lead the way! – Owen

First Editions published by Silver Publishing, March 2012 (Battle Buddy) and November 2012 (Tuck & Cover)


  1. I love these books! Is this a rewrite? Will there be more stories coming?

  2. So glad you enjoyed their stories. No this isn't a rewrite just a reedit and re-release with a new publisher which now that things are settled, Sua Sponte the next book in the series will be my priority. Thanks for asking


  3. YAY!I will anxiously await its release! I don't care that it's repackage; I'm buying it anyway! I enjoy all of your work, but I think this is my favorite!

    Thank you!