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Riveted a free Ty & Blake short story

A Whispering Pines Ranch Short
S.J.D. Peterson

“When trust is gone, a man no longer believes in humanity.” ~Ty Callahan~

When Ty left Pegasus for the big city, he knew he was falling for Blake, but still wasn't sure if he could trust him. And Blake wasn't sure he was ready to be vulnerable enough to take on another boy. Since moving to the Big City, Blake and Ty have learned how to live with each other, but are they ready to let go of their pasts and take the next steps not only in the playroom, but also in life?

SJD Peterson
© 2012, SJD Peterson

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Thank you for reading this free short story. This book may be reproduced, copied, and distributed solely for non-commercial purposes, provided the book remains in its complete original form.
This is a work of fiction. Names, places, characters, and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or are fictionalized. Any resemblance to any actual persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. 



For all those who demanded Ty get his Happily Ever After

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Chapter One

The older man sitting on the other side of the bar with a predatory gaze wandering down his body was nothing new. Tyler Callahan, better known as Ty, had seen that same look in many eyes as he stood behind the bar, slinging suds and hearing a variety of propositions. He’d heard them all, everything from the simplistic—wanna fuck?—all the way up to ridiculous descriptions of how they would have him on his knees, begging to breathe. That one had him snickering and blowing nothing more than his tip. While Ty was flattered and more than a little appreciative of the tips shoved in his pants, shirt, and tip jar, not a single one of them even so much as tempted him.
This newest man, while attractive with his salt and pepper hair, dark short-trimmed beard, muscular body, and an air of authority swirling around him, was no different.
C’mon, boy. I can make all your naughty dreams come true.”
Ty cringed hearing the word “boy” spoken from this man but plastered a smile on his face and set the beer the stranger had ordered down in front of him. “I’m not your boy and I seriously doubt you could handle my dreams,” he responded confidently.
Ty started to step back but the man grabbed his arm in a vise-like grip, not allowing him to move. “Oh trust me, no matter how kinky, dangerous, or bizarre, I’ll leave you satisfied like no one else ever could.”
Take your hand off what’s mine and you might survive to make someone else’s dreams come true.”
Ty looked up to see Blake standing behind the large man, his hands resting on the stranger’s shoulders. The grip on Ty’s forearm remained as the stranger leisurely ran his gaze down Ty’s form again then calmly turned his head back to meet Blake’s gaze. “This is a private conversation. I don’t see any mark of ownership.”
I’m going to ask you one more time to take your hand off what is mine, the next time I won’t be quite so nice about it.”
A shudder went through Ty. He could easily shove off the hand on his arm, but there was something about Blake, his quiet confidence, possessiveness, and strength that caused Ty to hesitate and let his lover deal with it. It warmed not only his heart to see Blake like this, but also his groin. A one-two punch of sexy.
In the year that Ty had been working at Folsom, he’d seen Blake in this same situation numerous times, and his record was perfect. Either the aggressive Dom found himself on his ass on the concrete sidewalk outside the club, or they were smart and followed Blake’s request.
Ty held his breath for the tense moment the stranger and Blake continued to stare and size each other up. He let it out when he felt the hand on his forearm fall away. Smart man.
He’s not collared, and I assumed he was available. I meant no disrespect.” The man held out his hand to Blake.
Blake accepted the offered hand, shook it, but did not release it. “You’re new here so I’ll forgive your disrespect this time. In this club you do not put your hands on a sub without his or his Dom’s permission.” Blake’s voice was hard and brooked no argument. He then released the man’s hand and took the stool next to him rather than his usual stool at the end of the bar. His man was definitely putting his ownership on full display.
Could I convince my boy to get me a bottle of water?”
Fuck, Blake was hot when he got all badass Dom, then turned loving eyes on him. Another shudder shook Ty to his core. “You can convince me to do anything, sir.”
Ty pulled a bottle from the cooler, opened it, and set it down in front of Blake. He wanted to lean across the bar and kiss him senseless but he knew better. When they were in the club, Blake called the shots.
Blake studied the water bottle for a moment, and then looked up at Ty, a brilliant smile on his handsome face. “Perhaps I should have ordered champagne instead.”
Ty knew exactly what that self-satisfied smile on his lover’s face meant.
Blake had hated the fact that Ty had gone to work at the club, but Ty refused to be a kept man and he simply wouldn’t have stayed with Blake if he couldn’t support himself. The amount he made was pennies compared to Blake’s wealth, but it wasn’t about the money so much as his peace of mind. Maybe it was his need for an out just in case things didn’t work out, or perhaps even his pride. Much to Blake’s frustration, he hadn’t been able to change Ty’s mind, so instead of continuing an impossible-to-win argument, Blake had been in negotiations with the owners to buy the club. He and Blake had had more than a few heated words over it, but in the end, Ty understood Blake’s almost obsessive need to protect, given what had happened to Eli. If he was completely honest with himself, he liked it. For the first time in his life, someone actually cared enough to want him around long term.
I take it your meeting was a success then, sir?”
That is was, boy.”
Will I now be sleeping with the boss, sir?” Ty asked teasingly.
Blake stood, leaned over the bar, grabbed the collar of Ty’s T-shirt in his fist, and pulled him close, their lips practically touching. “That’s later. For now I’ll settle for a kiss.”
Heat infused Ty, the intensity increasing when Blake smashed their mouths together, demanding entrance. Ty gave himself over to the possessive kiss. He had no doubt this was for the benefit of the stranger who had dared touch what Blake deemed as his than for Ty’s. Whatever the reason, Ty gave up complete control, letting Blake explore his mouth until he had his fill and left Ty breathless and hard as nails when it ended.
Blake sat back on his stool and gave the man next to him a wide, cocksure smile.
The older man nodded. “Now he does look truly owned.”
Blake’s smile grew impossibly wider.
I couldn’t help but overhear your conversation. You must be Blake Henderson.” The man held out his hand again. “I do believe you’re the reason I’m here. I’m Bobby’s friend and how-to-hide-all-that-money advisor, Tackett Austin.”
Blake accepted the hand and shook it again, this time without the challenging glare in his eyes. “Right, right, Bobby has told me a lot of good things about you. Nice to finally meet you.”
Well, hopefully that will help make up for my less-than-stellar first impression.”
I’m a little possessive of my boy,” Blake said unapologetically.
As you should be. You’re a very lucky man, Mr. Henderson, he’s quite lovely. May I?” Tackett asked, indicating his intentions with a nod of his head towards Ty.
That I am,” Blake said confidently. “Be my guest.”
Tackett held out his hand. “Tackett Austin.”
Ty accepted the hand and shook it. “Ty Callahan.”
Nice to meet you, Ty.”
Likewise, sir.”
Blake winked at Ty and then turned his attentions to Tackett. The two of them began discussing the sale of Folsom; Ty took the opportunity to check on his other customers and service the new ones who were beginning to stream in. Friday nights were always crazy busy, the club beginning to fill up shortly after five when the work day ended and completely full by nine.
Ty had just handed out a couple of bottles of water to one of the regular subs when he looked up and spotted Micah, another bartender he often worked with, stepping up behind the bar. That took Ty back. Micah wasn’t on the schedule; Ty’d checked and didn’t expect Caleb, his suds-slinging buddy for the night, until seven.
Hey, Micah. Did you forget what day of the week it was again?”
Micah was a beautiful man, thick dark curls and the palest baby-blues eyes Ty had ever seen. He had started working at the club right around the same time Ty had, coming from another club called the Whip. During the first two weeks Micah had shown up three times on his day off, he’d been so used to working that schedule at the other club that it had taken him awhile to get used to the new one. Ty still loved teasing him about it.
Ha ha ha. Bitch, please.” Micah scoffed. “Your Dom was doing the begging for a change.”
Ty looked back over his shoulder toward Blake, who was still chatting with Tackett. “I take back what I said about you,” Ty said, unfazed. “If you got Blake to beg then you’re a better man than I am.”
That made Micah laugh. “Yeah, he begged me to cover your shift tonight. You know he would only beg for you, you smug bastard.” Micah froze, eyes going wide. “Oh sweet, Jesus. Now there is someone I’d love to beg for.”
Ty followed Micah’s gaze. It was directed toward where Blake sat. “You mean, Tackett?” he asked.
Tackett,” Micah echoed.
He’s like twice your age,” Ty said incredulously.
Spank me, daddy!”
Ty nudged him with an elbow. “It’s official. You’re even more perverted than I am.”
Micah shrugged. “I can live with that. So introduce me.”
I will if you tell me why Blake has you covering my shift? What’s he up to?”
Don’t know but I’ll make something up if I have to.” Micah never took his gaze from Tackett.
Lot of help you are. C’mon.” Ty huffed and handed Micah a towel. “Here, sop up the drool from your chin.”
Micah grabbed the towel from him, tossed it aside, and shoved Ty toward the end of the bar where the two men sat.
Pushy bastard,” Ty grumbled. “You sure you don’t have any dominant tendencies?”
Why don’t you bend over and find out.”
Ty just shook his head at Micah’s antics. Once he reached the bar where Tackett and Blake sat, he stopped and waited for Blake to address him. He could feel Micah literally vibrating behind him. Ty had seen many men come and go, but he’d never seen his friend so affected before. Ty had actually begun to suspect that Micah wasn’t really into the scene at all. Micah knew all the proper ways to address the Doms with respect, eyes lowered, flirting and teasing them, but Ty had never actually seen Micah go any further than that. As far as he knew, Micah wasn’t seeing anyone so maybe he was just extremely picky. Tackett certainly was a step above most men in the looks department.
Blake met Ty’s gaze and waggled his brows. “Hey, you sexy beast! Got any plans for the night?”
Well, sir, I’m not really sure. Apparently, my new boss has just given me the night off.”
Micah tugged on the back of his shirt.
Sounds like you owe your boss a really big thank you,” Blake said, a sly grin.
Tackett chuckled, and Ty bit his lip to keep from joining him. “Do you have any suggestions for a suitable ‘thank you’ gift I could give him?”
Micah’s tugging grew in strength and speed.
I do,” Blake said confidently. “But I think we should discuss this in private. It’s a very, very special kind of gift.”
The hungry look in Blake’s gaze sent a tingling sensation racing down Ty’s spine and heat pooling in his groin. “Then it’s a good thing I’m off work so we can privately discuss this gift.”
Micah could you call and ask Thomas to bring the car around?”
The club employed a driver and provided a black sedan for taking home patrons unable to drive either because they were too drunk or, more often, due to exhaustion and sedation. But he and Blake never used the car. Blake didn’t drink and while they occasionally played at the club, his lover preferred their own home. Ty found it odd that Blake was asking for the car, but he didn’t comment on it.
Micah didn’t respond either, just continued to stare at Tackett and kept up his insistent, irritating tugging.
Micah,” Blake said louder, making Micah jump and the hand on Ty’s shirt halt.
What?” Micah snapped and then turned red when he realized how he’d responded to Blake. He glanced quickly between Tackett, Blake, and Ty, the color in his cheeks deepening when he realized he’d been standing there, zoned out with his mouth gaping.
Sorry, sir,” Micah said, lowering his eyes and releasing Ty’s T-shirt. “What was it you asked?”
Blake barely contained his laughter when he once again asked Micah to call for the car. Micah gave Ty a panicked look before answering, “Yes, sir.”
Ty took pity on him.
Mr. Austin, sir. This is Micah Slayde,” Ty said, pointing a thumb toward Micah. “He’ll be replacing me as your server. Just let him know if you need anything.” Ty arched a brow at Micah. “I’m sure he’ll be more than happy to provide it for you.”
Micah nodded vigorously. “Anything, sir.”
Thank you, Micah. I’ll keep that in mind.”
After Micah finally pried his gaze from the older Dom and went to call for the car, Ty and Blake said their good-byes to Tackett and headed to grab their coats. When they stepped out of the club, a bitterly cold wind caused Ty to shiver. He was never going to get used to the winters in New York. The snow was pretty in pictures or looking out at it from inside a warm home, but being out in it was brutal on a southern boy. Blake tightened the arm he had around him, pulled him close and held him tight and they hurried to the waiting car.
Thank God the heat was already blasting from the vents. Ty brushed the snow from his coat and shook it from his hair. “Jesus, it’s cold. I’m not sure I’ll ever get used to this.”
I love winter,” Blake responded, wiping the snow from his own coat. “Or rather, I love getting to warm you up. C’mere.”
Ty climbed onto Blake’s lap, straddling his thighs. “Are we going to discuss that special gift now, sir?”
Blake grabbed Ty’s hips and pulled him forward, causing Ty to moan when their groins came in contact. “I’m thinking talk is overrated, don’t you?”
Mmm hmm.” Ty gripped the back of the seat, one hand on each side of Blake’s head, and began to rock his hip, cock swelling. “I’m definitely more of the hands-on kind of guy.”
Blake licked and nibbled at Ty’s bottom lip, teasing, “And I’m definitely better at showing rather than telling.”
Ty continued to grind against the growing bulge in Blake’s slacks as the kiss deepened, groaning when Blake found his erection, cupping it in his hand and squeezing.
Oh yeah, much better at hands on,” Blake murmured against his lips. “Lean back.”
He sat back and Blake popped the button on Ty’s jeans and eased down the zipper. Ty arched his back, pushing hard into the hand Blake wrapped around his erection.
You’re so hard for me,” Blake murmured, his hand speeding up, stroking Ty’s cock in a firm grip.
Dick throbbing with need, a tingling sensation tickling at the base of his spine, Ty thrust into that tight grip. God, he was so close already.
Just as the car came to a stop, so did the hand on his prick and then Blake was wrapping a band of leather around the base, pulling it tight and snapping it.
Dammit,” Ty grumbled. “I should have known I wouldn’t get to come so easily.”
You love it.” Blake’s finger swiped across the head of Ty’s cock, spreading the liquid seeping from the slit before bringing it to him mouth and sucking the digit into his mouth. “And so do I.”
Ty whimpered when Blake tucked his erection back into his jeans and carefully zipped and buttoned them.
My poor denied boy,” Blake consoled, the smug look on his face ruining the effect. Ty huffed, causing Blake to chuckle. Blake then opened the door. “I promise to make it worth your while.”
Excited to see what his lover had in store for him, Ty scrambled off Blake’s lap and stepped out of the car. He groaned when he heard Blake behind him say, “If you’re a very good boy.”

Chapter Two

Blake stopped with his hand on the doorknob, head cocked as if he were listening to a noise from within. “You may want to keep your coat on for a bit.”
Ty stopped with his coat halfway down his arms. “Why? Didn’t you pay the heating bill?”
With his free hand, Blake reached out and stroked the prominent bulge in Ty’s jeans. “We have company.” With that, Blake opened the door.
The scent of basil, tomato, and warm yeast wafted out of the apartment, and Ty quickly shrugged his coat back on, fumbling to button it up. He’d recognize that scent anywhere. “Your mom?” he hissed. Keeping his voice low, Ty grumbled, “You got me hard as fucking nails and your mom is here?” Ty shook his head. “I say this with the utmost respect, sir, you are one mean bastard.”
Blake laughed, and then gave Ty a chaste kiss. “She isn’t staying. C’mon.” He grabbed Ty’s hand and pulled him toward the kitchen.
Ty got a brief look at the dining room table as they passed: crystal and china dinnerware, long white, tapered candles burning in silver holders, and a matching bucket filled with ice and champagne. A single red rose in a silver vase completed the romantic look, set for two—thank God.
Ah, there you two are. You’re just in time,” Martha said pleasantly as she pulled a loaf of bread from the oven. “Everything is ready, just need to slice the bread.”
I’ve got it, mom,” Blake said appreciatively. He kissed her on the cheek and took the potholders from her. “Everything looks and smells great. Thank you.”
You’re welcome,” she said sincerely, hugging her son briefly. “It’s a special night, yes?”
Very special,” Blake assured her.
Martha went up on tiptoes and whispered something in Blake’s ear, which Blake replied to by a shake of his head. Ty’s gut rolled. He hated surprises and he could tell by the look on their faces that they were cooking up something—and it wasn’t just Martha’s famous lasagna.
Martha Drover was a petite, beautiful woman, and it was easy to see where Blake got his good looks from. They both had the same deep brown eyes, smooth olive skin, and dark hair, although Martha’s was now streaked with silver. More importantly, she was just as beautiful on the inside and had accepted Ty as the man in her son’s life from day one. But while she had gone out of her way to make Ty feel a part of their small family, he still held a part of himself back. Martha seemed to know when he was taking a step back and would smile, pat his hand, and ease off, but she tried harder the next time. The guilt ate at him some days, but he just couldn’t silence the small voice in his head that kept whispering this would all end one day.
Ty, you look a little flushed, are you getting sick?” Martha hugged him then reached up to feel his forehead.
I’m fine,” he assured her, wrapping his coat a little tighter. Nope, not sick. I’m in pain, my balls ache, and it’s your son's fault with his obsession with cock rings, but really I’m fine. “Good seeing you and wow, it smells good in here. Lasagna?” he added, trying to shift the attention away from his discomfort.
Martha gave him a suspicious look, but nodded. “I know it’s your favorite. Here let me have your coat. I’ll hang it up on my way out.”
Ty shot a panicked look toward Blake and clutched his coat. Thankfully, Blake took pity on him—bastard should since it was his fault. “Mom,” Blake said, coming up and wrapping his arm around Martha and nudging her toward the front door. “I’ve got this. Thank you for cooking for us. It’s the perfect way to celebrate.” Blake helped her with her coat and gave her a hug. “I’ll call you later, okay?”
I’m heading to meet some friends for drinks. Call me tomorrow,” she said with a wave of a hand. “I don’t expect to be home early.”
Hot date?” Ty asked, waggling his brows.
Hmm, perhaps,” she demurred, but the smile that curled her lips was telling. She reached to give Ty a hug; he accepted it but was careful to keep his lower body away from her. He winced when he bent, strangling his bound cock further. Before releasing him she tilted her head and studied him carefully again. “You sure you’re feeling okay?”
He’s fine, Mom,” Blake said easily. “You know I take good care of him, and if he were sick I’d already have the chicken noodle soup heating and him tucked in bed.”
Martha continued to stare at Ty. God he was going to kill Blake. He did his best to give her a convincing smile. “I know,” she said, finally releasing Ty and patting Blake on the arm as she pulled her gloves from her coat pocket. “You’re very good to him. Speaking of which, when are you two going to finally settle down and give me some grandbabies?” She arched a brow at Ty.
That stopped him short and he coughed to cover up his shock. “Uh, don’t look at me,” he sputtered. “I’ve got the wrong plumbing.”
Blake laughed, shaking his head as he opened the door. “Good night, Mom.”
Good night, boys.”
Martha stopped just outside the door and started to say something, but Blake interrupted her. “Love you, Mom. Call you tomorrow.”
What the hell was that all about?” Ty demanded when Blake shut the door. “Grandkids?” Ty’s gut rolled at the thought.
She’s been on this kick ever since Ricky Martin adopted those twins,” Blake said easily and helped Ty with his coat. “It will pass.”
It better,” Ty grumbled. “I don’t want any kids. Does she realize I’m a very needy man and don’t share my attention well?”
I know, boy,” Blake said, his dark eyes sparkling, undeniably amused at Ty’s rant. He pressed his palm to the front of Ty’s jeans. “Very needy of my attentions.”
Ty moaned and pushed into his hand. Then he remembered he was supposed to be angry at Blake and narrowed his eyes. “I can’t believe you got me all worked up and your mom, Jesus, your mom was here!”
Blake wrapped his arms around Ty, leaning in and nuzzling his neck. “Will you forgive me if I promise to make it up to you?”
I don’t know,” he muttered, at the same time turning his head to the side to give the man more room to work. “It was pretty mean.” His complaint turned to a moan when Blake began nipping and licking along Ty’s neck.
Blake snickered. “Okay I admit it was mean, but in my defense I thought she’d be gone by the time we got home.”
Oh, please,” Ty said with a snort. “She takes every opportunity to see you these days. I think she’s a little jealous of the amount of time you spend with me at work.”
Speaking of which,” Blake said excitedly, clapping his hands together and rubbing them. “Let’s eat and pop the cork. We’re supposed to be celebrating.” He leaned in and gave Ty one last kiss. “Then I’ll do a little ass kissing when you're naked and on the bed,” he promised, pulling Ty along to the kitchen.
Once they had set the lasagna and fresh bread on the table, Ty arched a brow at him before taking his seat. “I’m going to hold you to that, you know.”
What, the ass kissing?”
Ty nodded and filled his plate.
Oh trust me, I’m planning on it,” Blake said with a soft laugh, and then pulled the cork from the champagne bottle, pouring them each a glass. He handed one to Ty. “Here’s to new business ventures.”
Ty clinked his glass against Blake’s. “Here’s to your promotion, going from a guard at Folsom to warden.” He took a sip, the bubbles tickling his nose.
When Ty lowered his glass, Blake was staring at him with an odd expression on his face. “What?” he asked, setting down his glass and picking up his fork, Martha’s pasta calling his name.
I like it,” Blake said, nodding his head, looking thoughtful. He filled his own plate, still nodding and seeming to get more excited. “Actually, I think it’s a perfect name.”
What, Warden?” Ty asked absently. He shoveled in a large bite of lasagna, chewing happily.
No. Guards of Folsom.”
And we all know how you guard the place,” Ty drawled with a smirk. “You’re right, it is perfect.”
Blake fell silent for a moment, watching him before speaking again. His voice was sincere when he said, “It’s not the club I guard, it’s you. As should every Dom guard and protect their sub.”
You sure showed your ownership of your sub with Mr. Austin tonight.”
I don’t own you, Ty, and you’re much more than my sub,” Blake said quietly.
I’ve never been worth owning. Fuck that was his truth. He’d been a throwaway his whole life. It didn’t matter how hard he wished otherwise, it always ended. A lump formed in Ty’s throat and he reached for his glass, wrinkling his nose at the champagne. “I’m going to get a glass of water,” he said, pushing away from the table. “Would you like some?”
Yes, please.”
With shaking hands Ty filled two glasses with ice and went to the sink. He hated when his past came creeping up on him. No rhyme or reason, his insecurities just seemed to attack whenever they had a mind to. He’d had a great day, got the night off, a great dinner, Blake had gotten his club, so why the hell was he shaking so goddamn badly inside and out? It felt like he was suffocating.
He filled one glass and downed the water, which did little to help with the lump in his throat and only managed to cause the churning in his gut to intensify. He refilled it and the glass for Blake, setting them aside. Shutting off the tap, Ty clutched the counter, took a deep breath, and, closing his eyes, blew it out slowly. Tonight was about celebrating Blake acquiring the club, not about him. Live in the moment. Enjoy what you have now, he reminded himself. The mantra was getting harder and harder to say and even harder to believe. He’d been cast aside his whole life, people always tired of him, and he should be used to it. But this time, with Blake, Ty knew it was different, he wouldn’t only be losing another home or a Dom, but his whole world.
Forcing away those thoughts, Ty took one last deep breath and grabbed the glasses of water. He plastered on a happy expression before heading back to the dining room. Blake deserved this celebration.
Setting one glass down next to his plate as he passed, he went and held the other out for Blake. Blake stared up at him, those dark eyes burrowing into him, looking past the fake smile and into Ty’s very soul. Ty averted his gaze, clamping down on the tremor that threatened, but it was too late, Blake had already seen the lie.
Taking the glass, Blake set it aside and pulled Ty onto his lap. Blake pressed his hand against Ty’s cheek, thumb tracing his bottom lip. “I hate these fake smiles,” he murmured. “What do I have to do to win your trust?”
I do—” Blake silenced him by pressing his thumb over Ty’s mouth.
Do you remember the first time I called you my boy?”
Christ, yes, he remembered it. It hadn’t come during a scene or because of a chore well done, but during one those rare, special moments when their passion turned to slow lovemaking rather than fucking. “My boy,” Blake had whispered against Ty’s neck as they both came down from their orgasmic high. The memory was seared into his brain, causing him both elation and dread.
Ty nodded, not trusting his voice.
When I said it, I mean it,” Blake said genuinely. “You are my boy, my lover, and the most important thing in my life. I need you to believe that.”
He wanted to. More than anything he wanted to believe that this time would be different. He could say he did, but Blake would know that the words were only to pacify and not heartfelt. Instead, he nodded again and said quietly, “I know.” Because he did know that Blake was trying; it was his own ghosts that haunted him.
I’m also a very patient man, Ty. I’m not going to give up until you believe me. Maybe this will help.” Blake pulled an envelope from his pocket and handed it to him.
What is it,” he asked, eyeing the letter suspiciously.
It’s not going to bite you, just read it,” he encouraged, pushing the envelope into Ty’s hand.
Ty glanced at Blake and narrowed his eyes. The thick envelope contained numerous pages paper clipped together. As soon as he unfolded them, he recognized it as legal documents pertaining to the purchase of the club. Ty glanced back up at him and shrugged. “I know you bought Folsom. Isn’t that what the champagne was for?”
Blake took the papers and flipped the papers to the last page, a huge smile on his face when he handed them back to Ty.
Ty scanned the page, his heart stopping in his chest when he read “Owner Blake Henderson, Co-owner Tyler Callahan.” He shoved the papers back at Blake. “No!” He tried to get up, but Blake held him around the waist.
What do you mean, ‘no’?” Blake’s brow creased.
I’m not taking handouts from you.” Ty scrubbed a hand across his face, trying to get his irritation under control before he spoke again. “Blake, we’ve talked about this,” he said and met Blake’s eyes unerringly.
It’s not a handout. It’s a sound business decision,” Blake responded calmly. “You’re smart, good with the customers, and will bring a lot to the club to help make it successful.”
Ty still wasn’t comfortable with the idea and Blake must have picked up on his unease, because he quickly added, “I’ll tell you what. If it will set your mind at ease, we’ll set up a payment plan to take a percentage of your profits until half of the down payment has been paid. Fifty-fifty partnership.”
Searching Blake’s face, Ty tried to find any deceit in Blake’s eyes or expression. He wasn’t as good at reading the man as Blake seemed to be at reading him, but he knew Blake well enough to know when he was being sincere or just pacifying Ty.
Ty sighed and finally relaxed again. “You’ll have the payment plan drawn up?”
Blake shook his head, posture falling in dejection. “There you go, not trusting me again,” he said sadly.
The sorrow in Blake’s dark brown eyes tore at Ty’s heart, his need to comfort was automatic, and he shifted, straddling Blake’s lap and wrapping his arms around him. “I’m sorry. It’s not that I don’t trust you with this, I swear. I just don’t want you feeling as if you have to take care of me or that I can’t do it for myself.”
Goddammit, Ty,” Blake growled, grabbing Ty’s biceps in a tight grip and shoving him back. “Don’t you fucking get it? I don’t have to take care of you. I want to take care of you, and I want you to take care of me.” He crumbled the contract in his fist, a fiery light burning in his eyes. “Fine, don’t take my word for it that I want you around.” He shoved the papers into Ty’s chest. “This is your written guarantee that I want you around and not just today but long term, that you’re my partner in every sense of the word.”
The fight seemed to drain out of Blake, and he dropped the papers in Ty’s lap, slumping back against his chair. “Tell me what I need to do to prove it to you, Ty, and I’ll do it.”
Ty once again wrapped himself around Blake, pressing his face into Blake’s neck. “Don’t leave me” slipped out before he could bite down on his tongue to keep the words from passing his lips. Fuck, he was a goddamn grown man and he sounded like a pathetic child. He wished he could pull the words back into his fucked-up head where they belonged.
But it was too late, Blake had heard them. To Ty’s surprise, Blake didn’t mock him or shove him away in disgust for the weakness he’d just shown. Blake just wrapped his arms tightly around Ty and kissed the top of his head. “All I can do is promise you I won’t, but only time will prove it to you.” He stroked Ty’s hair soothingly. “I know our pasts have left their scars on us. I’m much more protective and possessive of you than I was with Eli and I know I can be a little smothering; it’s my scar.” Blake’s soft touch in Ty’s hair tightened and he pulled Ty’s head back gently until their eyes met. “I buried Eli and opened myself up to you. I need you to bury your past and do the same for me. Trust me to handle your scars.”
I’m trying,” Ty said sincerely. He blinked back the tears that threatened, refusing to let them fall or to show any more weakness. “I don’t know why I get so freaked out. It’s like it pops up when I’m happiest and fucking chokes me. Most of the time I can push it away, but sometimes…” He shook his head in disgust. “It’s not you, Blake. You and your mom have done nothing but try to make me feel at home since day one. But sometimes I’m too fucking weak to deal with my childish abandonment issues and I end up doing shit that’s going to make them become real.”
The hand in his hair fell away, Blake soothing it down Ty’s back as he chewed on his bottom lip, deep in thought. After a long moment of silence Blake’s despairing expression melted away as a new gleam started to light up his eyes. He grabbed Ty's hair again to force Ty to look into his eyes. “Okay, here’s the deal. You trust me with your finances, right?”
What little I have is yours. You know that.”
Blake’s lip twitched, but he held back the smile, keeping his expression neutral. “So, as long as I provide you with the proper legal documents and repayment plan, you’ll be my business partner?” Blake asked with a professional tone to his voice.
The thought of owning Folsom caused his gut to flutter, but in a good way. Him, no-fucking-body Tyler Callahan, owner of a club. Christ, he hadn’t seen that one coming. “Yes,” he said seriously, if not a little giddily.
Blake’s eyes slid up and down Ty’s torso, and then he licked his lips. “You trust me with your body right?”
It’s yours,” Ty said without hesitation. Hell, there wasn’t much Blake hadn’t done to his body. Bound it, beat it, fucked it, and loved it. The answer to that question was a no-brainer. In all their time together, Ty had never once had to safeword. That didn’t mean that Blake didn’t push Ty’s limits. Christ, the man could push them right to the edge where Ty was hanging on by the tips of his fingers and barely keeping a grip on his sanity. However, he could also read Ty like a book and always knew when to back off.
His bound cock was grabbed and massaged. Between the thoughts of Blake pushing his limits, the hand on his dick, and the tongue that demanded entrance into his mouth, Ty’s eyes rolled back in his head, giving himself over to Blake and letting the stress and unease that had gripped him earlier flow from his body.
When Blake pulled back from the kiss, he leaned his forehead against Ty’s as they breathed each other in for a moment. Don't you see? You are already my boy and my business partner. Trust me that we can work on your scars together.”

Yeah, I can do that,” he said, chasing those smiling lips, wanting more.
Blake laughed into another kiss, the vibration tickling along Ty’s tongue, and he pulled Blake’s happiness into himself, giving his own back.
Now that that is settled,” Blake announced and gently gave Ty a shove, encouraging him to get up. As soon as Ty got to his feet, Blake was on his and grabbing his hand. “Time for that ass-kissing I promised.”
Hell yeah! He hadn’t completely ruined the celebration. He was getting another chance and this time Ty was going to make damn sure it ended in one hell of a bang. Laughing, he followed Blake to their bedroom.

Chapter Three

As Blake pulled Ty into their bedroom he couldn’t help but think that his boy was going to drive him out of his ever-lovin’ mind one of these days, he just knew it. One day he’d be laced into a straightjacket and his mom would be visiting him in his no-sharp-objects-allowed padded room and wiping the drool from his chin.
He loved the man, the good Lord knew he did. Every inch of the infuriating bastard, the good, the sexy, even the flawed parts, and he had no doubt Ty loved him back. Ty may not have ever said the words out loud, always hemming and hawing or distracting Blake when he’d tell Ty he loved him, but Blake still knew it.
Didn’t matter really, love wasn’t words, love was actions and that’s all he needed from Ty.
Still, the man drove him loco.
He understood why Ty couldn’t completely trust him yet, hell, it hadn’t been that long ago that he hadn’t trusted Ty. And really, their issues were pretty much the same. Ty was afraid he’d leave him, and he in turn was scared shitless someone would take Ty away. He’d spent many a nights having private conversations with Eli with Ty asleep next to him, trying to walk that impossible line of living in the past and looking toward the future.
It wasn’t until Eli's ghost nudged him—or maybe it was the way he felt when he looked at Ty while he slept—that was the turning point. Either way he knew that, had their fates been reversed, he’d want nothing more than for Eli to find someone he could snuggle up to at night that made him feel secure while he slept. He knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that Eli would want him to be happy being that security for someone.
Closing the door behind them, Blake flipped the switch that would illuminate the bedside table lamp. There was a soft smile on Ty’s face as he looked up at him, but the events of the night—the elation, arousal, falling into anger and guilt—left their telltale signs as weariness in Ty’s eyes and the small crease in his brow. The emotional highs and lows also left him pliable in Blake’s hands and he easily allowed Blake to lay him across their king-sized bed without any resistance or words.
Everything about Ty fascinated him. Blake let his eyes roam leisurely along the short, stocky man with his muscular, powerhouse body. Sometimes the man was so cocksure he demanded respect and control of his world, yet other times, he was that eight-year-old little boy being abandoned in a small office of a courthouse and shedding tears for a little chicken he’d named Charlie.
He loved everything about Ty, even if some aspects of his personality were more difficult to deal with than others, but this side of Ty, this submissive side, laid out before him to do whatever Blake wanted, trusting him completely, this was the side that called most to Blake. It appealed to both his dominant side and his need-to-nurture protective side.
Popping the button on Ty’s jeans and easing down the zipper, Blake held Ty’s gaze, those pale blue eyes focused on each move Blake made. He was thrilled at the notion that a simple touch could command the sole focus of that fascinating mind.
Silently, Blake carefully pulled the denim and silk away from Ty’s bound cock, easing both garments down his muscular legs and tossing them away. Ty’s cock was flushed deep in color, straining obscenely upward from the black leather band secured around the base. His bound balls shone with a purplish-red glow.
Christ, you’re sexy,” Blake murmured, swirling a finger around the wet tip of the flared cockhead.
Ty took in a sharp breath but remained silent, waiting. He wouldn’t speak until either Blake asked him a question or he was ready to beg. Here, behind closed doors, everything was easy. Ty didn’t have to think, there was no past, present, or future, only his Master’s pleasure. The anticipation of what Blake had planned for him was evident in the slight trembling of Ty’s muscles and the excitement gleaming in his blue eyes.
Pushing up Ty’s T-shirt, Blake’s gaze feasted on the ridges of muscle running across Ty’s belly; continuing to push the cotton material up farther revealed the thick muscles of his chest, the little gold rings in Ty’s nipples catching Blake’s attention. A temptation too great to ignore, Blake leaned in and sucked one of the pierced nubs into his mouth, tongue flicking the ring back and forth until Ty moaned. Blake kissed his way across Ty’s breastbone to give the other nipple the same attention, only this time adding scrape of teeth.
Ah, God,” Ty moaned, back arching.
Ty’s nipples were extremely sensitive, with a twist to the gold, a bite of pain to the pleasure, and Blake could make his boy come from just the ministrations of his lips, tongue, and teeth to the little nubs.
But not tonight.
Blake leaned farther over Ty and pulled the T-shirt up and over his head as he pressed his denim-covered groin against Ty’s cock, the abrasive material causing Ty to hiss. Blake covered his mouth, taking the sound in. He dominated the kiss, tongue thrusting deep, teeth threatening, but Ty gave as good as he got. They devoured each other, feasting until they were both breathless and grinning when it ended.
I do believe I made you a promise, didn’t I?” Blake asked, grinding his hips into Ty, rubbing their erections together.
Yes, sir,” Ty moaned, ass coming up off the bed seeking out even more friction.
Straightening, Blake slapped Ty’s thigh. “Hands and knees, boy.”
Ty nodded, his voice a little strained. “Yes, sir.” Ty flipped over, knees on the edge of the bed with his feet dangling over the side and planted his hands on the bed.
Blake took a minute to enjoy the sight of his boy on display for him. His summer tan had faded, his skin now a light cream color over all those strong, luscious muscles. All mine. The thought made his cock throb.
Blake ran his hands lightly over each cheek of that perfect ass, squeezing the meaty globes and pulling a grunt from Ty, the sound morphing into a moan when Blake leaned down and pressed his mouth to Ty’s lower back. He moved downward, teasing from the top to Ty’s crease with lips and tongue, kissing each ass cheek before spreading them wide.
I always keep my promises,” Blake whispered and teased the tip of his tongue slowly around Ty’s hole. “Don’t come, boy.”
Ahh, I-I won’t, sir,” Ty panted.
Blake explored his boy’s ass painstakingly slowly, alternating between kissing and biting at the muscular mounds and licking from the top of his crease down to the delicate sac and back up to tease at Ty’s tight little hole.
Oh, fuck,” Ty groaned and pulled away a bit when Blake pushed his tongue into him.
Blake curled his fingers around Ty’s hips, holding him and not allowing him to move away as he dove in with his tongue, fucking Ty’s ass. Ty gasped, body tensing as he groaned and began babbling incoherent nonsense as Blake went at his ass with single-minded determination.
No!” Ty howled, pulling away when Blake slipped a finger deep in him. “Ca-can’t. Jesus, I’m going to come,” he said harshly, head dropping between his arms, chest heaving as he tried to get himself back under control.
Just breathe,” Blake said lowly, instantly stopping all stimulation and rubbing at Ty’s lower back. He wasn’t holding Ty’s orgasm back to be mean or to punish. He wanted to keep his promise, yet be buried deep in his boy when they came. “I got ya, deep breaths,” he encouraged as he popped the button on his own jeans and pushed them down his hips. “Wait for me, boy.”
O… yeah, okay,” he gasped. Ty took a couple more deep breaths, then seemed to relax his body slightly, though the muscles still continued to tremble and a fine sheen of perspiration covered his body. “Damn that was close,” he chuckled and blew out another long breath.
There was no way Ty was going to last long. Hell, with the gorgeous body spread out before him, the needy sounds pouring from his boy, and the taste of Ty, Blake doubted he’d last very long. They needed to take the edge off, and then he’d spend the rest of the night showing Ty just how much he loved him.
Over the bed,” he instructed, pulling at Ty’s hip, encouraging him to place his feet on the floor while he spread the pre-come oozing from his own slit down his shaft. Lining up his slick cock at Ty’s entrance, he whispered, “Ready for me, boy?”
God, yes,” Ty moaned pitifully. “Need you so fucking bad.”
I know, need you too,” he murmured, nudging at Ty’s wet hole. Ty opened up for him, accepting the invasion with a sigh and a moan. Slowly, gently, Blake slid into him, until he was fully buried in Ty’s body.
Blake stretched out, pressing his chest against Ty’s back and wrapping his arms around him. “Love how tight your ass is,” he praised, one hand splayed out over Ty’s chest, the other lightly stroking Ty’s cock as they began to rock together. “Love how you feel around me, against me—” He inhaled against Ty’s neck, taking the musky scent deep into his lungs. “—the way you smell.”
Ty moaned. “Need to be, everything for you. Everything. Always. Oh, god,” Ty babbled. His words were disjointed as he began to rock harder.
Blake’s slow, languid thrusts sped, the tight, heat around his cock demanding. “You are, Ty,” he whispered as he moved a little faster. “You’re everything I need. You’re my beautiful, boy, my lover, my breath. Everything I could ever want.” Blake’s fingers curled against Ty’s chest, feeling his rapid heart rate. With his free hand Blake tugged at the leather, releasing the band around Ty’s cock and balls and letting it fall to the floor.
Yes… so close.” Ty’s hands clutched the bedding in a white-knuckled grip and threw his head back, back arching. “Please, please, please! Love me, sir.” Ty’s voice broke on a sob.
Always,” Blake growled and slammed into Ty faster, wrapping his fist around Ty’s cock. “I’ll always love you. So fucking beautiful. God, Ty, let me be your everything,” he panted. His climax built, moving through him; his pulse roared in his ears, heart pounding.
Yes! Oh, fuck!” Ty’s body went completely rigid, mouth wide in a silent scream and cock throbbing hard in Blake’s hand.
His boy was beyond the point of no return, already beginning to fall into bliss. One last, hard thrust, and Blake whispered, “Come for me.” The wet heat fountained over Blake’s fist before the last word was even out of his mouth.
Ah! Yes, oh God.” Ty’s words were barely distinguishable, flowing into a deep, satisfying moan, swaying, trembling, in constant motion as he rode his orgasm.
Blake stayed buried in his boy’s ass, holding back his own need by pure fucking orneriness, refusing to give in until every drop was pulled from Ty’s body. The contractions around his dick caused his legs to weaken and he locked his knees to keep from falling.
One last thrust, the sounds of Ty’s whimpers, the smell of sex, the vise grip around his cock all finally stripped Blake of the last of his control and he came deep inside his boy, shooting pulse after pulse, a growl filling the air. “Mine.”
Ty’s arms gave out and they both collapsed to the bed, Ty grunted as Blake covered him with his full weight, but he sighed and melted into the mattress, breathing hard. They stayed like that for long silent moments as they each basked in the euphoria, Blake still buried deep in Ty’s body.
He was sated and boneless and he didn’t want to move. But with his pants around his legs and his knees about to give out, Blake finally pressed a kiss to the side of Ty’s neck and forced himself to rise.
Hey,” Ty protested as Blake’s cock slipped out and he lost the heat of Blake’s body covering his own.
Blake smiled and swatted him playfully on the ass. “You’ll thank me later. Up into the bed,” he ordered and kicked off his jeans. Ty complied and Blake pulled off his shirt, throwing it haphazardly behind him, and then turned out the light before he crawled beneath the covers next to Ty.
You were right,” Ty mumbled, pushing up close and throwing a leg over Blake’s hip and an arm over his waist.
I usually am,” Blake chuckled, kissing Ty’s nose. “But what was I right about this time?”
This is way better than hanging off the bed with a nearly two hundred pound man crushing me. Although,” Ty said regretfully, shifting his hips until their softening cocks came in contact. “I do miss certain crushing parts, sir.”
If you can get it up again, it’s all yours, boy.” Blake replied seriously. Part of him hoped Ty would take the challenge, but it was a small part. The majority of him hoped Ty would just snuggle close and enjoy a little post-fuck basking, at least for a few minutes anyway.
Ty laughed and kissed him. “I’ll give you a few minutes to bask,” he said knowingly.
Oh, yeah, his boy knew him very well. Blake relaxed further, his body and mind content. “You’re so good to me,” he said, cradling Ty close.
That works both ways, sir.” Ty sighed softly.
Yes it does,” Blake said, kissing the top of Ty’s head.
They lay together for a long while, just listening to each other breathe, hands gently caressing backs and chests. If Blake ever had a shred of doubt creep into his mind about whether he and Ty belonged together, they were completely erased in moments like this. He knew Ty felt it too.
Only one last obstacle stood in the way of them being completely whole and secure in each other and Blake would go to the ends of the earth to remove it.

Chapter Four

I want to remind you once again, the chafing can be avoided by regular care. I’d suggest making it part of your daily routine.”
Phone between his ear and shoulder, Blake scribbled more notes in the margin of the instructions in front of him. “Morning and night like clockwork I can assure you. I’ve got some last minute errands to run so I won’t be at the club when you drop it off, but Bobby is expecting you.”
Let Bobby know I’ll be there at noon.”
Shall do. Oh and Jason?”
Thank you. This means the world to me,” Blake said sincerely.
You’re welcome, see you tonight.”
Blake ended the call and folded the instructions, sliding them into the folder and returning it to the desk drawer. Leaning back in his office chair, he scrubbed a hand over his jaw. Damn he was nervous. Tonight was a night of celebration with a few of their closest friends. There wasn’t a damn thing to be anxious about he tried to convince himself, but his queasy gut and jittery heart obviously weren’t getting the memo.
Pushing back from his desk, Blake went in search of his boy. Ty wasn’t the only one who would benefit from a day of heavy submission.
Ty sat silently in the passenger seat, eyes straight ahead, looking out the front window as they headed to the club. Blake doubted Ty was seeing the bright lights and commotion of the city as the car crept along the busy streets.
He had kept Ty in heavy bondage, helping him find his headspace, and in turn it had helped Blake find his own. Ty’s brow had creased when Blake dressed him for the evening, but he never asked about the new harness. The heavily studded leather straps came over Ty’s shoulders in a V connecting to a large O-ring that in turn connected to the strap that encircled his muscular chest just below his pierced nipples. Another studded strap ran downward to another large O-ring that anchored the strap around Ty’s waist, and still another strap ran down to Ty’s groin, affixed to a heavy metal cock ring.
God, Ty was magnificent in nothing but leather and silver studs, heavy cock bound.
It had taken every bit of his self-restraint to help Ty into his black dress slacks and silk dress shirt when all he wanted to do was throw his beautiful boy down on the bed and fuck him senseless.
Soon. First they had an announcement to make to their staff.
Blake pulled up behind the club, putting the car in park before turning to Ty. “Tonight is a big night for us, boy. Anything you want to say before we go in?”
Ty smiled at him and shook his head. “I just plan to follow your lead, sir.”
Blake leaned over and pressed a kiss to Ty’s lips. “I plan to flaunt my business partner's… assets, among other things,” he teased and kissed his boy again before turning serious. “I’m proud to have you at my side tonight.”
Thank you, sir. I’m proud to be there.”
Blake smiled and stepped out of the car, hurrying around to open the door for Ty. As soon as Ty was out, Blake entwined their fingers. “Our public awaits, boy.”


Ty was relieved when the bulk of the staff finally left, leaving behind what Blake would consider his closest friends. The nice intimate group meant he could finally sit back and relax. Everyone had been great upon hearing the club’s transfer of ownership, and Ty and Blake spent most of the night shaking hands and being congratulated. Luckily for him, Blake had given the speech and laid out their vision for the club, and he’d only had to stand at Blake’s side and smile. He still wasn’t quite used to the idea of being an owner, but he had to admit, the idea was growing on him.
He’d just opened a bottle of water and taken a long pull, relaxing onto one of the leather stools next to Micah, when Blake approached him. Blake gave a curt nod to Micah before saying, “Follow me, boy.”
The authoritative tone in Blake’s voice had him jumping to his feet. Ty stole a glance toward Micah, who had a wide grin on his face. Obviously his friend was privy to information Ty wasn’t, and he had to fight the urge to stick his tongue out at the smiling bastard as he hurried to follow Blake.
Ty could easily read Blake’s body language, his back was straight, head held high, and his steps were measured. Ty fell back on his training and walked to heel behind his Dom, posture perfect and eyes low.
Blake led him to the center of the stage in front of a leather-bound bench. “Strip and kneel, boy,” Blake ordered without turning away from their small audience.
Ty’s eyes went wide, and he hesitated as the shock of Blake’s words hit him. He recovered quickly, however, keeping his eyes low as he unbuttoned his shirt and dropped it while kicking off his shoes. A tendril of unease and excitement trickled down Ty’s spine. Seldom did he and Blake play in public. It wasn’t that either one of them were modest, far from it. But Blake’s possessiveness ran deep and unless the situation demanded it, Blake rarely put Ty’s body on display in front of others.
Removing his pants and socks, he swallowed down his confusion, putting his complete trust in Blake, and went silently to his knees, careful to ensure his posture was flawless.
Today was a very special day for me and my boy,” Blake said, addressing their friends. “It means a great deal to us that you are here and were able to share in our good news.”
Out of his peripheral vision, he watched Blake nod his head, and a man he’d only just met tonight, Jason, got to his feet. Carrying a wooden box just slightly smaller than a shirt box, Jason joined them on stage and handed the box to Blake. “Thank you.”
Jason nodded and then moved past his line of vision, his footsteps sounding behind Ty a few strides and then stopping, before Blake spoke again. “Today is special for another reason. In the last year, my boy and I have had to face many obstacles, but we’ve overcome them together. I’m so proud of him and before anyone can ever question who he belongs to again, I’m collaring him.”
The word collaring was like a bomb strike Ty hadn’t seen coming and his head started to lift, reeling from the shock, but he caught himself at the last moment and kept his position. Holy fuck, he couldn’t have heard Blake correctly.
The few times Blake had fastened a leather collar around his neck, he’d loved the way it felt. Not in the physical sense so much, but the way its presence made him feel. The collars he’d worn in the past were for show, an accessory to complement the outfit Blake had chosen for him, but with it on, Ty had walked a little straighter, a little prouder with that small band of belonging around his neck. The feelings the collar brought out in him, he could only assume, were like those caused by a wedding ring, an outward sign of the commitment made to another person.
Ty’s skin prickled as goose bumps covered his body, and he fought to keep his breathing even when Blake moved to stand before him. “So proud of you, boy,” Blake whispered, running his hand through Ty’s hair, and then did something that shocked Ty even more than the statement of collaring. Blake dropped to his knees in front of Ty, placed a finger beneath Ty’s chin and lifted his head until their eyes met.
Blake smiled at him, a hopeful gleam in his dark brown eyes, and held out a silver collar. “This is more than a sign of ownership, boy,” Blake whispered for Ty’s ears only. “It’s a symbol of my commitment to you and yours to me.”
Forcing his gaze away from those soft brown eyes, Ty looked down and accepted the collar. The silver-colored metal was heavy and cool beneath his fingers as he ran them along the polished surface, but it warmed quickly in his hand. When he turned it the lights reflected off the gold that covered the inside of the collar. Ty’s breath hitched when he read the inscription.
Alongside their entwined initials were the words: Forever His
Before you say yes, know that once it’s riveted on, it won’t come off.” Blake ran his fingers gently over Ty’s where he held the collar. “It’s permanent and indestructible, Ty, just like my commitment to you.”
Ty took a deep breath and wiped his eyes before meeting Blake’s gaze once again. “Scars and all?”
Scars and all,” Blake echoed with a soft smile on his handsome face.
Blake helped him to his feet, he was a little off balance with the swell of emotions surging through him, but Blake steadied him and took the collar. “Jason, if you’d be so kind,” Blake said, holding the collar out. “My boy has accepted.”
The applause, shouts, and whistles from their friends snapped Ty back to where they were and his cheeks heated, having forgotten they had had an audience for such a private moment. The embarrassment was quickly forgotten as Blake ushered him over where Jason stood next to a small table.
Display,” Blake ordered before he walked to the table and picked up a small silver band.
Ty’s hands went behind his back, shifting his feet slightly until his position and posture were perfect. His body responded to the elation of what was about to happen, his flesh warming and his cock hardening.
Blake brought the band over and showed it to Ty. It was almost identical in design to Ty’s collar, the same silver metal with gold lining, only smaller in size. Blake tilted it and moved it closer so Ty could read the inscription. It was identical to his.
It works both ways,” Blake said softly.
Ty swallowed hard and nodded. Everything just seemed so surreal, or maybe he was just dreaming. The last year had certainly been a fantasy. Blake coming into his life, moving to New York City, he was a club owner for God’s sakes, and now a commitment not just as Blake’s submissive but as his partner in every sense of the word. Damn, he didn’t know if he wanted to laugh or cry.
Both emotions battled for supremacy and as an effect, Ty stood there trembling with his heart in his throat. He more than likely looked like a complete and utter fool since he was also aroused as hell, watching as Blake sat in a chair next to the table where Jason had his tools laid out.
Blake, however, looked completely composed and sure of himself as he rolled up the right sleeve of his dress shirt, winking at Ty as he laid his exposed forearm on the table. “You don't think I would allow anyone to do something to you I hadn't tested out first, do you?”
No, sir,” Ty responded hesitantly.
His hesitation had nothing to do with the question. He knew Blake would never do anything to him that wasn't completely safe, but he was confused as to why attaching a collar would be dangerous or something that would need to be tested first. A trickle of unease seeped into him as he watched Jason run a thick strip of leather and a wide piece of metal between Blake's wrist and the bracelet. Blake's entire forearm and hand, except a small section of the metal around his wrist, was then covered with some kind of heavy material.
Ty's brow furrowed, his anxiety level rising, as he observed Jason reach into what he'd thought was an ornate fire for decoration with a pair of tongs and pull out a red hot piece of metal. Unable to keep his eyes lowered, Ty looked to Blake in alarm. Blake, who could read Ty so well, smiled and said soothingly, “It's okay, focus right here on me.”
There was a loud sound of metal hitting metal and Blake winced. Ty shot a look toward Jason and glared.
Ty.” Blake’s voice was like the snap of a whip, one that couldn't be ignored, and Ty focused his eyes back on Blake's.
Clenching his fists where they rested against the small of his back, Ty forced himself to keep his eyes locked with his Dom's. As much as he tried, he couldn't completely ignore the sound or the steam billowing up as Jason poured water over Blake's wrist to cool the metal before setting the next rivet. Ty took a deep breath and held it. The effort it took to keep still caused his tense muscles to vibrate. He'd endure anything for Blake, any amount of pain—hell, he craved, often begged, for the erotic pain his lover could inflict. The thought of Blake being hurt, however, made him physically ill.
Thankfully Jason was quick and when he patted Blake on the shoulder and said, “All done,” Ty finally let out the breath he'd been holding.
Blake absently muttered his thanks to Jason, already moving toward Ty to stand behind him. “I'm officially yours, Ty, are you ready to be mine?” he whispered, brushing his lips against Ty's ear.
I already am, sir,” Ty answered honestly and without hesitation. He was Blake's in every sense of the word.
Then let's make it official.”
Ty allowed Blake to lead him to the leather bench and help him lay out in the proper position. The back of his head, neck, and across his shoulders were draped in heavy leather, but Ty was barely aware of what Jason was doing. Blake had gone to his knees in front of him, those dark eyes holding his as Blake caressed Ty's cheek. Through the entire riveting process Ty felt no pain, none of the heat. He wasn’t even aware of Jason or anyone else in the club as he lost himself in Blake's eyes and soothing touch.
He'd spent his entire life yearning to belong, to be wanted and loved. Even when he'd lost all hope of ever having a family, convinced himself he didn't need one and people weren't worthy of trust, on some level he’d never stopped dreaming, hoping.
Blake loved him, protected him, and brought so much happiness to his life. Wasn't that what family did? As he continued to stare at Blake, his eyes so warm, his expression one of pure bliss as Ty lay there accepting his symbol of commitment, it occurred to Ty that it didn't matter what kind of family you grew up in, the one you made was what was important.
Ty tried to blink back his tears, but one escaped and rolled down his cheek as he came to the realization that Blake and Martha had made him part of theirs.
Blake wiped the salty droplet from Ty's cheek and whispered, “I love you.”
And Ty knew it. Felt it in the center of his being that Blake loved him, and he in return loved Blake with everything he was. But he couldn't say it, afraid he would lose it and break down and weep like a baby. Instead he swallowed hard, keeping his teeth clenched, and nodded.
When the covering was pulled away, Blake helped him to his feet and Ty nearly collapsed. There had been no pain, no physical hardship to endure; it was the full weight of the commitment behind the metal circling his throat that nearly drove him to his knees. He didn't fall, however, but stood in the center of the stage; with Blake at his back and in front of those gathered, Ty puffed out his chest and proudly displayed Blake's collar.
Although this collar represents Ty's submission to me,” Blake announced. “It’s also a symbol of my devotion and commitment to him and his to me. It, as well as the band around my wrist, is a constant reminder of the promise we made to each other. It is the promise of forever, and I'll work every day to be worthy of him.”
As everyone stood and applauded, whistling and calling out congratulations, Ty reached up and lovingly stroked the collar. Forever. Ty gave into to the overwhelming emotions, throwing his arms around Blake and burying his face in Blake's neck as the tears stared to blur his vision.
Blake held him tightly, giving him a minute to get his emotions under control before pulling back slightly and lifting Ty's chin. “Go show it off so I can take you home ”
Ty sniffed and grinned as he wiped at his damp cheeks. “Yes, sir.”
He started to pull away, but Blake stopped him and leaned in close, speaking against Ty's ear. “And when we get there, I'm going to fuck my beautiful boy through the mattress.”
A shudder went through Ty at the harsh growl in Blake's voice, and he groaned loudly when his cock was grabbed in a tight fist and pumped a couple of times. Ty practically ran off the stage. The sooner he accepted the congratulations from their friends the quicker they could go home.

Blake had seduced his mind and demanded his focus, and in return Ty had given him his body to command. Yet in the end, Blake had found his soul and given him the home and family he was always missing, and Ty was his forever.

The End

Authors Note:

Thank you to everyone who followed the Whispering Pines Ranch Series and demanded Ty's happily ever after. I hope I was able to do Ty and Blake proud. These two men have some very interesting friends who deserve to have their stories told. Watch for a new series coming to Dreamspinner Press April/May of 2013, called Guards of Folsom. Book #1 Pup, features Tackett and Micah.