Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday Snippet. Ty & Blake anyone?

Coming to DSP October 8, 2012
*Spoiler Alert Ty's Obsession*
“You’re nearly as popular as the guest of honor.”
Jess turned his head and met the gaze of a stranger, sitting at the table next to him. He wracked his brain trying to figure out where he’d seen the stocky, handsome man before but came up empty. He rolled his chair until he was facing the man. “It would appear so. I’m sorry,” Jess confessed, offering a hand. “Do I know you?”
The stranger leaned over, accepted his hand, and shook it. “Nah, we haven’t met, but I’m sure you’ve heard about me.” The man looked a little uncomfortable when he said, “I’m Ty Callahan.”
Ah! So this was the man who had helped Quinn let go of his anger after Lorcan left and returned to Indiana. And, from what Collin had relayed to Jess, the man who caused quite the shitstorm once Quinn and Lorcan got back together.
“I can see from the look on your face, you’ve heard of me.”
“That obvious, huh?” Jess chuckled. “Pegasus is a small town and prides itself on its rumor mill.”
“Yeah, well.” Ty’s cheeks turned a slight shade of pink, and he coughed into his hand. “I’m not real proud of my time in the spotlight.”
Jess took another sip of his soda. He’d been the focus of the rumor mill himself—the first time when he came out. In fact, the talk had been downright hurtful at times, but he never let it change who he was. Sure, it bugged him at the time, but he never allowed their whispered words or the talk behind his back to make him feel ashamed of being gay. Eventually people moved on to the next bit of news. The music changed to a softer melody, and he lowered his voice. “None of us are,” Jess admitted.
“I feel as if I owe you an apology,” Ty said after a lull in the conversation.
“Why is that?” he asked curiously.
“I used your accident, your suffering to try and hurt Lorcan.” Ty swallowed hard and then chewed on the side of his lip before saying, “I’m real sorry about that.”
“Hey, from what I hear, it all worked out, right?”
Ty nodded.
“No apologies needed,” he told Ty and meant it.
Both Jess and Ty looked up at the man who had joined them without their realization. Ty smiled up at the man, then turned his attention back to Jess. “This is my partner, Blake Henderson.”
Jess accepted the offered hand and shook it. “Nice to finally meet you, I’m Jess—”
“—Jenkins,” Blake finished for him. He shook Jess’s hand and gave him a warm smile. “I’ve heard a lot about you. Glad to finally meet you as well.”
Blake took the seat next to Ty and wrapped an arm around him. The shared look between the two men was full of love. Jess had heard the stories of how Ty had felt betrayed by Quinn, his subsequent attempt to run Lorcan off, and how he finally found peace with old man Henderson’s son, Blake. It did his heart good to see the two men look so happy after hearing about the hardships they had been through.
“I’m glad to see everything worked out.”
“Thanks,” both men responded, then smiled at each other.


  1. Thanks for that appetizer. :D Love to see how Ty and Blake are doing. :) Can't wait for more of their story, too.

  2. November I promise and it will fit everyone's budget. FREE as a thank you for following the whispering pines ranch series :)

  3. Oh, I cann't wait for November. I love this series and Jess is such a loveable character

  4. Sigh...on Ty and Blake. Lurrrvvve them.