Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sometimes, I suspect I might be crazy!

I've heard someone say, there is no muse, it's YOU! Well that means there IS a muse whether a separate entity or just my multiple personality disorder. Call it what you want, but it works for me and I assure you it/I is CRAZY!

I sit down I spend hours updating my schedule and figure out deadlines ect. Then I/it grabs me and messes the whole damn thing up. I have a fricken collage of sticky notes posted all around my desk to remind me to add this, that, or the other to the schedule. When I finally get around to adding them to the schedule it doesn't work. I'd have to work 26 hours a day to make it work and... yeah like that's going to happen, so I start all over again.

The trouble is, I/it refuses to stay on task. I need to, I want to finish this book, but I/it has other plans and the harder I try to ignore I/it it just keeps getting louder and louder, distracting the hell out of me and I end up getting NOTHING done!! 

I don't NEED a muse like this. I already have one and like I said, it/I is Crazy!!!


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