Thursday, August 16, 2012

Edits begin on Jess's Journey

** Spoiler Alerts about the series** 
I enter into edits with a bittersweet feeling. I absolutely love where this book took me, however, it's the last in the series. On some level I'm excited to see the journey end and move on to other places and new characters. Yet, it's like moving away and leaving behind close friends and loved ones that you may never see again.

I'll tell you a little secret. For those of you who have been following the series and my blog, you probably already know that Conner's Courage and Jess's Journey were never part of my plan. Lorcan's Desire, Quinn's Need and Ty's Obsession really was to be a trilogy. All three books were Lorcan and Quinn's struggle to find their happily ever after. I never realized that Conner, Ty or Jess for that matter would become such favorites. What you probably didn't know, was the original draft for Quinn's Need, Jess Jenkins died in that horrible accident. I went as far as to write the scene where Lorcan was standing over Jess's body and I simply couldn't finish it. The thought of Jess no longer existing was something I just couldn't wrap my head around. I was still debating what I wanted to do next, when DSP approached me about the ending of Lorcan's book. Funny thing was, when I pitched the next story line Jess was in it and..... well for those of you who read it.... you know I didn't go with my original plan. :)
Now we have come full circle. Jess's Story is in the editing pipeline and the initial comments from the first editor made me smile:
"This story is touching, romantic, and heartbreaking at times. The characters are interesting and their motivations are clear and totally believable."

I took it easy on you with Conner's Book, but be prepared to stock up on Kleenex for Jess's story. I honestly believe, his story, as heartbreaking as it is at times, will be the most satisfying. :) ~Fingers crossed~



  1. I am so glad things didn't end with Ty's Obsession because I really loved Conner's Courage and I'm sure that I am going to feel the same way about Jess's Journey(even if a lot of Kleenex is involved).

    As a reader, I get a little sad when a series comes to an end, so I can only imagine what it must feel like for you to let these characters go. You have spent a lot of time with these guys and have put a lot of your heart and soul into creating their stories. It truly is a great series and you should feel proud of what you've accomplished now that it is coming to an end.

    Can't wait to see what you have in store for us next. ;)

    1. Thanks Lisa! You are too kind. I do plan on writing a short story for Ty and Blake, they need their happily ever after. I'll keep you posted on that one :) Next we have more Army Rangers, Sexy FBI agents, serial killers, Young men at SC Citadel Military college in South Carolina, Vampires, Sadistic med-evil doctors, sweet subs and kick ass Doms! Hopefully something will kick up your interest.