Monday, August 20, 2012

DSP Open Call

"Evergreen" 2012 Advent Calendar - A Story a Day in the Month of December
Edited by Lynn West

When it comes to romance, ageless images are carried forever in your heart: A candle in the window burning bright. Warmth billowing from an old stone hearth. Snowflakes falling from the night sky under a full moon. Twinkle lights glinting in a lover’s eyes. Romance during the winter holidays is evergreen, and these stories will get you in the mood for love. Your Christmas present to yourself!

Editor's Note: Because of the packaged nature of the set, all stories need to stand alone. No sequels to or spin-offs of previously published works, please.

Submission Deadline: Sept. 1, 2012
Publication Date: December 2012
Story length: 5,000 - 18,000 words

Manuscripts shorter or longer will be considered but will have to be extraordinary. Follow general Submission Guidelines for instructions and formatting. Send all submissions to List the anthology title in the subject line of your e-mail. Ex: Advent Calendar anthology submission


  1. Already submitted!! Just waiting to hear back if my story has been accepted. *keeps fingers crossed*

    1. Good Luck CR. Unfortunately with my writing schedule I don't have time this year. :(

  2. I may try to write a short story. I had an idea for a Christmas theme--if only I can recall it.

    Jo! I got my first royalty check in the mail this morning on my pre-dawn (yesterday morning) walk with Benny -- we hike out about 5 a.m. to take in the stars and night sounds...morning sounds. I felt so happy to see the check, and then cried a little because my mentor and life's friend, my encourager for ever writing in the first place, had passed away July 6th. Then I smiled and laughed and realized he could see it coming, and I didn't! I liked the surprise. I wanted to share with you! Thanks for all the inspiration and encouragement! It helped a lot!

    I'm rich!

    1. So happy for you!!!! I knew you could do it, just like you believed I could. Funny who we can see things in others but can't always see what they see in us. :)

      Big Hugs and a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!