Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Beyond Duty #1 at AllRomanceEbooks!!!

Beyond Duty, a Love is Always Write, free short story is #1 Top rated Gay title and #1 Top Rated BDSM title.  Thank you so much to everyone who read and took the time to rate it. I so truly appreciate it.

I have to give credit here to Virginia. She picked an amazing photo and wrote the most amazing prompt. 


Dear Author,

He's been in my life for two decades. Don't Ask Don't Tell ended too late for us as we were months from retirement. We spent so much of our lives in the closet, hiding our love that I worry if we can hold it together when we're out. I'm scared of losing him. For me, he's the hottest thing I've ever seen still and I know he could get guys half my age without trying hard. Why would he stick with me now? But he always knows...he knows when I need him to center me—to remind me of what we have. We're in it together to the end.

If an author selects this...I LOVE BDSM. Please, please...

Edited to clarify: I see the man facing forward as a sub and the other man as his dom. They've had stolen moments over the years but never the time and privacy to truly explore their D/s needs at the level they have desired. Now they do since they have retired. I enjoy a little angst (no cheating) but definitely want a HEA. Moderate BDSM would work great. Author, up to you if you take this mind. Ultimately, author, if you pick this one I'll be pleased no matter what you do to give my guys a story!



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  1. Only an author like you could write such an amazing story for the prompt. I could not be happier and am not surprised others love it too.