Sunday, July 8, 2012

What a CRAZY Week!!

I don't think we appreciate electricity nearly enough. At least I know I didn't, but damn do I have a new love for it now. The temperatures in Michigan have been hoovering around 100 degrees for the last couple of weeks and we were praying for rain.
Well, we got it!!
Unfortunately, we also got the high winds with the rainstorm and the power was knocked out. When it's fricken desert temps hot, you want.... no you need AC, a fan.... Something.
It was going to be 2-3 days before the power was restored so I packed up and headed down toward Detroit and rented a hotel room. They had the coolest work station, sweet, leather desk chair, electricity and more importantly...AC!!!!!! Uh yeah, that is until it went out at 1am, couldn't be fixed and the rest of the hotel was full!  UGGHHHH  So at this point I'm thinking, who the hell did I f@*K over because this had to be some Karma shitstrom coming down on me. :( 

But, I must have been punished enough because I now have Power, AC and WiFi (which was out longer than the power) I am behind on emails, posts, writing, ect. but as long as everything holds out, I'll be caught up in no time.

With every bad there is something good and my good this week is,

Cover art from the talented Reese Dante, Conner's book showing up on the coming soon page at Dreamspinner Press, Check it out HERE, and 1st round of edits down. You'll be happy to know,  I also sent it out to a few peeps to read now that my grammar is fixed and commas properly placed, so I can make sure this book is the best written, and cleanest one in the series yet.

Here's to a better week than last!!


  1. So glad to have you back online! Hope your home didn't suffer damage from those winds! I'm counting the days to Conner's Courage, that's for sure.

    1. Nope I got lucky! My house and trees are all still standing, and I'm more than happy to put this past week behind me.


  2. Glad things are getting back to normal for you. We had the same thing happen last summer when temps were over 100. Luckily for us, the electricity was only out for 24 hours, but what a miserable day that was.

    Saw the cover for Conner's Courage on the DSP site a few days ago and loved it. Can't wait for the release day! Yay!!! Less than a month to go. :D

    Hope you have a great week! :)

    1. It's amazing how dependent we are on electricity eh? The good thing is it forced me to put together a kit for emergencies. I didn't even own a flash light or candles.

      Starting second round of edits today... 24 days and counting :)