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Summer Fling - Sarah Ann Watts

1. If you could have a summer fling with any one of your characters who would it be?
I think I’m going to say Philip from my novella, Lost and Won

2. Describe him for us

Philip is 23 but seems older than his years. He has blond hair that he keeps cropped short but he’s been in a battle and it’s grown quite long, even though he is a Roundhead supporting Cromwell. He has a generous mouth that belies his pious demeanour and a rather sad look in his eyes. He’s lonely and very much in love with Francis, who he has never forgotten. He looks very much younger and a different man when he laughs but since Francis left, very few have seen him smile.

3. Why Philip? What makes him so interesting?

Philip is a complex character in that he hides his true emotions - even from himself. He loves Francis but he’s had a strict upbringing and he doesn’t know how to deal with the feelings he has for Francis. He suffers the constraints of his time, the 17th century and he doesn’t see how he and Francis can ever be together. He is also conscious of their differing status in society; that Francis is the son of the Lord of the Manor. Philip knows he and his family depend on the Lord’s favour. Philip believes in fairness – he hates the excesses of the king’s court and the injustice of the king’s government. Having led a reckless wine-charmed life at university he becomes sober and godly and whole-heartedly embraces the parliamentarian cause.

4. You have the chance to go anywhere in the world with Philip. Where would you go and what would you do?

Philip has led quite a sheltered life - until the war and apart from his time away from home at university he hasn’t travelled. Francis aims to change all that but for Philip his home is always where his heart will be. Francis has a dream – to sail to the New World and would like to take Philip with him. Francis encourages Philip to travel to meet him in London and Paris and Philip gradually comes to embrace a wider world.

5. You plan a romantic dinner; tell us what your idea of a romantic dinner is?
Do you make reservations at your favourite restaurant or do you cook a special

Francis has lived abroad and has learned to cook for himself. He could and would seduce Philip over dinner and surprise him with French delicacies and wine. Philip’s notion of a ‘good plain dinner’ would rely on home grown produce and be of the best quality but would lack that certain elusive ingredient that Francis would bring to the mix, perhaps a herb that Francis might casually cull from the garden. Philip would say that he didn’t care what he ate but would discover that nothing was ever quite the same when Francis left.

6. Is Philip more the love them and leave them kind of guy or does he believe in
happily ever after with that one special person?

Philip can’t believe in happy ever after or that he and Francis can be together – and that’s what torments him and causes him to reject Francis. Not because he doesn’t love him but because he loves him too much and because he can’t live with himself for seducing Francis, as he sees it. Consumed by guilt and self reproach he builds this wall around himself that Francis tries to tear down – but neither can ever be truly happy without the other.

7. While slow dancing, what music is playing? Is Philip graceful on the dance
floor or are your toes going to be bruised in the morning?

Philip, and Francis learned to dance as part of the gentleman’s education Francis received and Philip shared in. Arbella, Philip’s foster sister was their partner and she would tease them both re bruised toes. Philip’s dancing betrays his sensual and passionate nature so this is something else he cuts out of his life, but it is a dance tune that he whistles Francis recognises. Moreover it is a tune that a younger Philip composed. Philip’s greatest challenge is to learn to be true to himself.

8. And speaking of bruises, is Philip more of a slow sensual lover or raw
animalistic passion?

Philip has a desperate passionate need for Francis. Slow and sensual is a luxury they can seldom afford or risk in the early days and their first rushed encounter left them both confused and uncertain – especially when Philip used the excuse of the wine to pretend nothing happened. When he tells Francis he should leave he is seeking to protect him but Francis sees this as his cue to ride out of Philip’s life.

9. It's always fun to fantasize about a fling but, would Philip be the kind
to have one? Is he single or if in a committed relationship, is he the kind who
would cheat?

Philip has the reputation of a sober, godly and righteous young man. He has a passionate temperament which he seeks to control and conceal. Francis is the love of his life but Francis is away for many years and Philip has to come to terms with the knowledge that Francis has had other lovers. Philip would never go looking for consolation elsewhere and would stick to his principles if chance offered but he is susceptible. He knows he is no saint.

10. Tell us where to find him so we can have a summer fling with him too.

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1651: the Battle of Worcester is lost and won. Charles Stuart is a fugitive with a price on his head and Cromwell has the ‘crowning mercy’ of victory. Philip, a sober, respectable young man, fought bravely for the parliamentary cause and is looking forward to peace at his own hearth.

Francis, his lover and childhood friend returns to make peace with his dying father and to give back Philip’s heart.

Soon Philip finds himself reluctantly sheltering a royalist spy and protecting the witch in his family.

Philip’s duty is clear and Francis staked his life on his honour. All he has to do is let Francis go. But how can Francis ask Philip to deliver him to justice?


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