Thursday, July 19, 2012

Chance Encounter!

Sometime I'm a little slow. I've had plans to come out to Minnesota since March and it only dawned on me the week before that Joel Skelton lived out here. I sent him a message asking if he could turn down the heat before I got to his great city. Joel promised he'd do what he could about the heat, but also suggested we meet for a drink. 
The instant we met it was like running into an old friend and we were never at a loss for words. Okay so I barely gave the poor man a chance to talk. I tend to get like that when I'm around people I like and the more I like you, the more I talk. With Joel, I talked a lot!!
Now, If I don't talk to you.... ~crickets chirping~
You get the point. :)
So, if you haven't had the opportunity to meet Joel, I highly recommend you do!! What a gracious, funny, interesting and total cutie the man is!! Not to mention an absolute sweetheart! He brought me a signed copy of his book which I will cherish. 

Rising star attorney Harper Callahan hires Ian Burke to landscape his backyard, but it’s his heart that gets the real makeover. Cautious at first, Ian is soon won over by Harper’s good looks and charm, and before they know it they’re on the fast track to romance.

Then a brush with death makes Harper and Ian reassess their plans for the future… and offers them an opportunity for adventure. What starts out as a casual fantasy of owning and operating a B&B on Lake Superior soon explodes into reality as Harper and Ian realize that when they rely on each other, they can accomplish great things.


  1. I remember his interview from Romance A-Z back in February. Very funny! I love people with a great sense of humor. :D

    1. OMG Lisa he is so funny and charming in real life as well!! Totally enjoyed my time with him. :)