Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summer Fling - Sam Singer

If you could have a summer fling with any one of your characters who would it be? 
I’m really drawn to Dee, one of the characters in my new book: Beholding Beauty.

      Describe him for us.
Dee is in his mid-thirties.  Tall with long brown hair and blue-green eyes.  He is lean and muscular and has a killer smile.

          Why Dee? What is it about him that makes him so interesting?
I like Dee because of his shyness and vulnerability.  Tragedy has made Dee retreat to the safety of his home.  Once he lets you in and you get to know him you can see he is open and friendly with a great sense of humor, quick wit and intelligent.

     You have the chance to go anywhere in the world with Dee. Where would you go and what would you do?
Haha!  That is funny because like Dee, I’m very much a home-body.  But If I could go anywhere with him I would pick New Orleans.  I like the dark romantic mystery (all qualities Dee possesses BTW) and the gothic edge.

     You plan a romantic dinner; tell us what your idea of a romantic dinner is? Do you make reservations at your favorite restaurant or do you cook a special meal?
I like a good pasta dish and a nice wine to compliment it.  I’d make a nice home cooked meal.  It takes more effort and heart to do that than to pick up a phone and make reservations, and isn’t that the way to a man’s heart, through his stomach?    

      Is Dee more the love them and leave them kind of guy or does he believe in happily ever after with that one special person?
As much as he is jaded, Dee very much believes in happy endings.

     While slow dancing, what music is playing ? Is Dee graceful on the dance floor or are your toes going to be bruised in the morning?
For slow dancing you can’t go wrong with classic Sinatra, either I've Got You Under My Skin or Strangers in the Night.  Dee is very graceful, he moves with ease and fluidity even though he is a big guy.  Dancing with him, held in those arms of his?  It would be terrific!

         And speaking of bruises, is Dee more of a slow sensual lover or raw animalistic passion?
I think Dee is a perfect combination of both.  Slow and sensual at the start but if his lover wants or demands, he can go completely Alpha-male on them.  Very sexy combination.

       It’s always fun to fantasize about a fling but, would Dee be the kind to have one? Is he single or if in a committed relationship, is he the kind who would cheat?
Dee is loyal.  Once he gives his heart, that’s it.  So my fling with Dee would just be a fantasy.  Dee’s heart belongs to someone else, sadly for me.

     Tell us where to find him so we can have a summer fling with him too.  
     Craig Ryan’s modeling dreams crashed and burned on the streets of LA. Still, a man has to eat, and the escort biz pays well, and the sex isn’t bad. Actually, Craig enjoys his new job and benefits. That is, until a client called Dee hires him. Dee is a mystery. He keeps his face hidden and prohibits touching, even when touching his mouthwatering body becomes Craig’s fantasy.

Falling for a customer was never in Craig’s plans. But wrapped inside Dee’s peculiar requirements, there’s a sense of loneliness and pain that strikes deep within Craig, awakening his own need for something more—something with a future beyond one-night stands

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