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Innocence to the Max - FREE READ

Not everyone has Goodreads, nor do they want to join so I'm posting my free short story, Innocence to the Max.  I'm currently working on the full length version. Mammarella chose such an amazing photo and wrote such a great letter that this young man deserves a full story. Thanks for the Inspiration Mammarella.

Innocence to the Max
Genres/Tags: Gay M/M / Paranormal / Mild BDSM / Coming of Age / Vampire / Romance
Approx. Word Count: 6,383
(Only self edited so please forgive my mistakes)
Dear Author,

This boy wants it all: bondage, pain, punishments and rewards given to him by his first real crush. But he is so young and so confused; he's never done anything like that before. It doesn't help that the guy he's after is a vampire... (who in turn is secretly in love with the beautiful young man) ;)
Please, help the boy tell his story! Thanks :)



The Spanish name Francisco—from the Latin Franciscus, meaning "free man." A strange name for a boy who yearns for nothing more than to be owned.


Francisco Aguilar, known as Cisco to his friends and family, sat in the passenger seat of his best friend’s car, staring out at the city of Mecosta passing by in a blur of color. It shouldn’t surprise him that he couldn’t figure out where he wanted to go or how he wanted to celebrate his sixteenth birthday. Cisco had been waiting for something to happen for as long as he could remember. He had no clue what he was waiting for, but whatever it was, it would change his world, that much he was sure of.

Growing up in the burbs just outside the city limits of Mecosta, he’d had the picture perfect version of an all-American childhood. He was an only child, raised by loving and doting parents. T-ball games at five, cub scouts, hated homework, he and Benny finding the same trouble that most young kids found, but there was always something missing. Cisco couldn’t explain it, he only knew deep inside, at his very core, that he was waiting.

“Any ideas where you want to go?” Benny asked as he turned down the radio.

They’d been driving around for the last hour and nothing had even sparked the slightest interest in Cisco. “I don’t know. Why don’t we head down to the strip and see if anything is going on?”

“Dude, nothing good ever goes down on the strip but trouble. I’m pretty sure that spending the night in jail or worse, the hospital, on your birthday isn’t what you had in mind.”

Cisco rolled his eyes at his best friend. Benny was the same age, but always acted as if he was his protector or something. Partly due to their personalities. Benny was outgoing and loud, while he tended to be a little more reserved, quiet. The other part, he was sure, stemmed from the fact that at sixteen, Benny was already pushing six foot and his frame was large and thick, while Cisco was celebrating reaching five foot four and a whopping one hundred and ten pounds.

You’re a fricken runt! Yeah, well the birthday wish of a couple inches and twenty pounds had obviously been ignored right along with the wish for a 2007 Camaro convertible concept, wrapped in Hugger Orange pearl tri-coat paint with twin gunmetal gray sport stripes.

“C’mon Benny, we’re not going to get in any trouble,” he promised. “I just like watching the people down there. We won’t even get out of the car.”

“Yeah okay, just lock your door.”

Cisco rolled his eyes at his friend again, but he complied with the demand and hit the lock on his door. “Happy?”

“Not really,” Benny huffed. But he turned the music back up, The Fray blasting through the speakers as he turned the car toward the downtown area.

They’d just pulled up at a light on the corner of Martin Luther King Boulevard and Ninth Street trying to decide which direction to go, when Cisco turned to stare out the window and, in the blink of an eye, knew it hadn’t been what but whom he had been waiting for his whole life. Leaning against a doorframe, partially hidden in the shadows stood a tall, broad shouldered man, dressed in tight black leather pants, black thigh-high boots and a white, elegantly ruffled, nobleman’s shirt. His face was lost in the shadows, but Cisco could feel the man staring at him, looking inside him. A chill ran down his spine and his skin tingled as he felt the man’s gaze as a soft touch against his skin. Drawn to the stranger, Cisco’s breath hitched, heart raced and he felt compelled to leave the car and go to him. Mine, a voice whispered inside his head like smoke swirling, touching every part of him, the meaning elusive, difficult to understand and eluding capture.

Before he had the chance to leave the car, his trembling hand still reaching for the door handle, the light turned green and Benny stomped on the gas.

“No!” he screamed, wrenching his neck back, trying to keep contact with the mysterious man. “Turn around, Benny! We gotta go back.”

“What the hell are you talking about?”

Benny kept driving, and Cisco lost eye contact. No, No, No. “That was him, turn around.”

Cisco grabbed at the door handle and yanked at it, but the door wouldn’t open. Panic made his fingers clumsy as he fumbled with the lock, but before he could get it undone, Benny grabbed onto his arm and yanked him away from the door.

“What the hell has gotten into you? Jesus, Cisco, give me a minute and I’ll turn around. Who did you see?”

He met Benny’s concerned-filled eyes as panic continued to bubble just under the surface of his skin causing sweat to dampen his brow and his hands to shake. “I don’t know,” he admitted. “I just know it was him.”

By the time Benny could make it through heavy traffic and back to the corner where Cisco had spotted him, the stranger was gone. Tears welled up in his eyes and spilled over at the loss. Sixteen years he’d been waiting and, as a red light changed to green, he’d lost it before he even knew what it was that he had found.


Back inside his club, Maximilian De Ferrari leaned heavily against the closed door and shut his eyes. Behind closed lids, he could still see the dark wistful eyes of the beautiful boy. Max placed a trembling hand over his now still heart. He could have sworn he’d felt a faint beat in his chest as he watched the boy. His heart hadn’t beaten since he’d been turned nearly a hundred years ago, and yet he could have sworn he’d felt it. As absurd as it sounded, the memory of it still lingered, leaving him dizzy.

There had been rumors about such a thing happening. Max had searched every text he could get his hands on trying to find anything, a single reference to what was known as iunctio copula but in the end, not finding a single reference to it, concluded that it had only been rumors. A connecting bond between a vampire and his mate powerful enough to cause a dead heart to beat was ludicrous. And yet… Dammit, as his mind had screamed out mine, as he got lost in such an innocent soul, he could have sworn he’d experienced something he had given up hope of ever feeling again.

“Antonio,” Max bellowed as he pushed away from the door. He’d felt something and he wouldn’t rest until he knew who the beautiful boy was and what he had sparked deep inside a cold heart.

Three years later….

Maximilian De Ferrari, vampire and owner of Wicked Ground is my destiny. Cisco had known since that brief encounter all those nights ago, and tonight he was finally ready to go after what he wanted. He had tried in vain to get another glimpse of Maximilian. Though he hadn’t had any success, he had the feeling that someone was watching him. The hair at the nape of his neck would stand on end, an eerie feeling washing over him and he could feel eyes on him, but when he would turn around there was never any one there. He never could get a glimpse of who was watching, but the feeling of their eyes lingered as a tingling sensation on the back of his neck. The feeling had begun the same night he’d spotted Max and he held on to the hope that it was indeed his stranger. It was what had gotten him through each day, that and his dreams of what meeting his master would be like. He wouldn’t wait any longer, tonight was his nineteenth birthday, and Max could no longer keep him out. Tonight, he would finally be able to step through the doors of Wicked Ground, and enter Maximilian De Ferrari’s world.

“Do you really think this is a good idea, Cisco?”

Cisco paused in his struggle with a pair of leather pants that were possibly a tad more than a size too small, and looked up at Benny who was sitting on his bed, biting nervously at his lip. How could he explain to his best friend that this was the only thing in his life he was completely sure of? Benny knew everything about him, they’d been best friends since first meeting on the playground while in kindergarten, but he didn’t understand his obsession with Max. There hadn’t been a day gone by that he hadn’t thought about the captivating man looking at him with eyes that seemed to pierce through the gloom of that foggy November night. Though there was an instant attraction to the mysterious man, there was something beyond the physical. In just one look, he knew he belonged to him. As silly as that sounded it was true, and that conviction had never wavered, only grown stronger.

“C’mon, we’ve already talked about this a hundred times. I’m going.”

“But… For Christ sakes, he’s a vampire. Doesn’t that scare you? It sure scares the hell out of me! What if he drains you? What the fuck am I supposed to tell your mom?” Benny’s voice was rising with each word and his growing panic was making his voice crack.

Shrugging then sighing in relief as the button on the leathers finally cooperated. “He’s not going to drain me, you watch too many bad B-movies. Vampires have co-existed alongside humans for over twenty years. Did you know, that statistically, humans commit murder more often than vampires? You have a better chance of being killed at that nasty go-go club you visit than I will walking into Wicked Ground.”

Actually he had no clue as to the soundness of the statistics, but Benny got a little wigged out about what he deemed blood—sucking—freaks so he wasn’t about to say anything that would send him off on another rant. Benny had never even met a vampire as far as he knew and as much as he loved the guy, he really was an idiot sometimes. If it was on the internet, Benny believed it was real.

Ah shit, judging from the look in his eyes, his protective friend was already geared up for a hell of an outburst.

“Well I’m sure I have a better chance of defending myself against a guy who wants to play with my assets than you will from some supernaturally strong vampire that can control your mind.”

“Listen,” he said, grabbing the harness he’d ordered earlier in the week from its box. “You know the whole mind control thing is crap.”

“Do I?” Benny interrupted, arching a brow. “You’ve been obsessed with this guy since the first time you saw him, how do you explain that? I mean really, Cisco, who the hell waits three years for a guy to notice him? If it’s not mind control then the only other alternative is that you’re seriously wacked and in need of a padded room.”

Studying the harness, Cisco ran it through his fingers, enjoying the feel of the soft leather against the tips of his fingers. Unfastening the buckles and turning it over and over in his hands, he couldn’t even begin to figure out how the hell it went on. Ignoring Benny’s rant, he held out the harness to him.

“Do you have any idea how this goes on?”

Benny threw his hands up, obviously a little more than frustrated if the heavy sigh coming out of him was any indication, but he still got up from the bed and took the harness.

He stared at it for a moment before declaring, “This is for a horse! Now I know you think you’re a stallion but….”
Snatching the harness back from him, Cisco gripped it hard in his fist, his face heating as anger surged through him. This wasn’t a joke. “Go home, Benny. I’ll figure it out myself,” he said turning away from his friend.

“Ah c’mon,” Benny said softly as he moved up behind him and wrapped his arms around his waist. “I’m sorry, Cisco. I know this is important to you but I’m worried. Are you sure I can’t go with you?”

He shook his head. He knew Benny was worried about him and was only trying to protect him but he also knew that he had to do this on his own. Besides, even though both of them were gay, they were on opposite ends of the pole when it came to their sexuality. His best friend seemed to be on a mission to bed every hot guy, in every club in Mecosta and the four surrounding cities, and Cisco was saving himself for Max. Benny was also a cocky son of a bitch, a total top, whose idea of a kink was what his back felt like when he slept on the pull-out couch in Cisco’s basement. Completely vanilla. Cisco wanted to submit to his master. Wanted to be bound and at the mercy of his will, feel the kiss of his leather against his skin and to know that he was what his master needed for his pleasure.

The image of himself chained to a wall, naked, hard and aching as his master entered him for the first time, flashed through his mind. Imagining the way his body would feel, stretched and full, caused him to shiver and his cock to harden. The sound of his own voice, screaming his pleasure to the rafters, whimpers, and harsh pleading filled his ears making him dizzy with anticipation and need. God he wanted to be owned and loved by his master.

He turned in Benny’s arms and hugged him back. “I know you’d go with me if I asked, but I need to do this on my own. Besides,” he said lightly to alleviate some of Benny’s fears. “I’m not going to do anything but check it out and I’ll call you the minute I leave, okay?”

Benny kissed his forehead then took a step back. From the frown and furrowed brows, it was obvious he didn’t approve but he was letting Cisco make his own choices. “No, you have two hours from the time you enter that club to call me or I’m coming in after you, got it?”

“Okay, dad,” he teased. “Two hours, got it. Now will you either help me with this damn thing or get out of here so I can get ready?”

Benny took the harness, grabbed his hand, and led him to stand in front of the full-length mirror. As Benny fiddled with the strips of leather and helped him secure it over his shoulder and chest, Cisco studied his reflection in the mirror. He didn’t look any different than he did yesterday. Same dark brows and buzz cut black hair. Same dark brown, nearly black eyes, though they did appear to be a little wider, wilder no doubt due to the excitement and anticipation that was rushing through his body. At 5’6 and yet to hit one-hundred and forty pounds, the tight leather pants only accentuated his small frame. No, he didn’t look any different, but on the inside, he was completely different, devout in his conviction that he would belong to Maximilian De Ferrari. After three years of waiting, his soul was ready to meet its master.

The drive to the club was much the same. Cisco trying to convince Benny he would be fine and he, in turn, begging to let him come along. Stepping out of his friend’s car and shutting the door, Cisco sighed in relief when Benny drove away, albeit with a frown marring his brow, but at least he had left with nothing more than a tight nod and a small wave. He stood and stared at the nondescript building not having a clue as to what lay beyond. There was only a single black door in the middle of the red brick façade, no windows, and no flashing neon lights, nothing to indicate that there was a club on the other side of the brick and mortar. The research he’d done on the internet as to the type of club Wicked Ground was, left him with more questions and little in the way of knowledge. It was as if the entire scene was masked behind a veil of anonymity, very hush hush, and he’d only seen a few pictures, none of which came from the inside of a club, but from house parties thrown by members. Even those didn’t render much information as they tended to be mainly of masked faces either posing with other members or in other innocuous settings.

Though he hadn’t found any photos inside a club, Cisco wasn’t completely benighted. He’d seen enough men in submissive poses, bondage and implements to cause pain and read quite a few books on the subject. He’d even got hold of a porn movie once. Once? Okay so he’d watched it more than a few times. He’d been enthralled by the way the Dom had moved against his sub. It had reminded him of a passage in a book he’d once read, ‘the slow sensual slide of bodies was like a symphony for the eyes’. The Dom had been beautiful, but Cisco always imagined the Dom moving like liquid silver was his master, his Max. He’d seen enough and read enough that he wasn’t completely unschooled, just inexperienced, untaught, but that would change tonight. He was sure of it!

Taking a deep breath and squaring his shoulders, Cisco pulled open the heavy door and stepped inside. The sudden darkness enveloped him and it took a moment for his eyes to adjust. The foyer, as it began to come into view, was barely large enough for two men to stand in. The walls, ceiling, and floor were painted black and the only light was a small glow that filtered through heavy black curtains in front of him. For long moments he couldn’t move, his heart racing as the scent of leather and male sweat mingled with an overpowering coppery smell that robbed him of his breath. Fear raced down his spine, throat dry, making it difficult to swallow, but as frightened as he was, the scent was heady and his rapid pulse pushed the blood south and his shaft began to swell in its leather confines. Arousal and desire won out over fear and he pulled back the thick curtain and stepped into the club proper.

Though the lighting was subdued, most filtered through a haze of red silk and smoke, he found himself blinking his eyes and once again trying to adjust to the change in lighting. They must do it on purpose, he thought. It left a person vulnerable for a moment, not that he needed a trick with lighting, he already felt exposed and off balanced before opening the first door, his determination the only thing keeping him from turning on his heels and running.

“ID,” a deep, harsh voice said from the left.

Turning, Cisco had to force himself to stand still and not to take a step back. A huge—no… enormous, like in the size of a fricken full-grown grizzly bear huge—man sat on a stool with a beefy hand outstretched toward him. His head was the only thing on him that appeared completely devoid of hair. He had a thick, well-trimmed beard, and his naked upper torso was covered in a thick mat of black hair.

As Cisco struggled to pull his ID from his back pocket, the giant bear leered at him with pale green eyes and a slight sneer curled his upper lip. The way he looked at Cisco, as if he were prey, added to the difficulty of trying to pull a small card from beyond tight pants. He shifted nervously; finally grasping the card between his fingers and held it out to him. The door attendant’s meaty fingers wrapped around his wrist, as his other hand plucked the card from Cisco’s fingers. He held on to him as he studied Cisco’s face, ignoring the card in his hand. It felt as if he were a fly under a microscope and at any moment he would have his wings ripped off. He couldn’t stop the trembling that encompassed his body. He was scared shitless of the ginormous man. Breath Cisco, don’t you dare pass out from lack of oxygen now, breath.

He ignored the warning and held his breath as the man pulled him closer, leaned in, and whispered against his ear. “You be careful, little one. Don’t make eye contact and don’t talk to anyone except the one you seek.” He squeezed Cisco’s wrist in a crushing grip that made him gasp. “And unless you want to find out real quick just how much pain you can endure before you break, stay away from the backrooms.”

Releasing his hold on Cisco, the bear handed him back his card, and looked at him with a softer, almost tender look in his pale eyes. His full smile showed elongated and wickedly pointed eyeteeth, leaving no doubt, as to what he was. Cisco rubbed at the ache in his wrist then took his card and slipped it back into his back pocket, nodding in understanding. He was robbed of his voice, not only from the warning but also from the realization that although he still wasn’t convinced that a vampire could control his mind, he was sure they could read it. He swallowed hard, finally dislodging the lump that had formed in his throat and moved further into the club.

Past the darkened entryway, his eyes now adjusted to the subdued light, Cisco could make out a modern bar that glowed invitingly. In time with the dull, thudding bass from within, twilight hues of cobalt, indigo and crimson lights alternated throughout the club. The intoxicating scents that assaulted his nose in the entryway were stronger here, filling his nostrils as they floated cloyingly in the air. The color palette of black and red didn’t surprise him, he had formed a mental picture of the club in his mind, the gothic feel of the interior was expected, but the sleek modern décor wasn’t. He’d imagined a dark ancient dungeon with torture racks, iron maidens, and men chained to walls. Well, there were a few men chained from above on the large stage, at least he had gotten that part correct. The rest of the club was clean sleek lines, the black and red accentuated with highly polished chrome.

Passing the first table, his stomach rolled in revulsion as he witnessed a man, no bigger than himself, completely naked, hands bound and at the feet of his master, his mouth held wide open by a metal contraption that encompassed his shaved head. The master was dressed in an expensively tailored Armani suit, giving off the impression of a cultured man. But when he used the smaller man’s mouth as an ashtray, snubbing out his cigarette on his subs tongue as he sipped from a wine glass, Cisco knew he was no gentleman and no one he wanted to know. He quickly moved away from the sickening sight.
Cisco wandered along the tables, careful to remember the bouncer’s instructions and kept his eyes low. The moans of pleasure and screams of pain, which filled the club, combined with the extreme assortment of men, was like a feast to Cisco’s senses. He felt dizzy as he tried to take in every detail of his surroundings. There were men in various states of dress, from totally naked to partially dressed with small strips of leather covering various parts of their body, while some were completely encased in leather or vinyl. A dark mask with zippers covering the eyes, mouth, and ears that one bound man had on, sent a bolt of fear through his small body. His heart was hammering in his chest and he avoided looking at any one thing too long, remembering what he was told at the door. But his curiosity got the best of him and he stopped and stared for a long moment at one sub kneeling, his head resting on his master’s thigh, his eyes closed, and a dreamy smile on his lips. The master’s hand gently threaded through the light blond hair as he talked with another man. That’s what I want, he thought as he continued to stare. It wasn’t so much the position of the sub that held his attention, but the tenderness of the Master and the look of pure bliss on the younger man’s face.

Cisco forced his eyes away from the beautiful sight and continued to move through the club. Though he could feel the stares of those around him boring into him, making the hairs on the back of his neck stand up, he avoided looking directly at anyone as he continued to frantically scan the area. Along one side wall there were doorways covered in black velvet curtains, one curtain out of the five stood open and curiosity had him heading in that direction.

Stopping dead in his tracks at the doorway, Cisco’s mouth dropped open. “Holy Hell,” he muttered under his breath. He hadn’t noticed any women in the club, but here, a shapely woman with large breasts, long flowing black hair and pale skin, stood bent at the waist, her hands splayed flat on the table in front of her as a large, muscular man, draped across her back, pounded brutally into her. The man wore a long black trench coat that obscured Cisco’s view of their lower half. Though the woman was beautiful, she couldn’t hold his attention, his eyes fixed on the handsome man’s face and he wished he could see more of the muscular man’s body. As if the stranger had read his mind, he turned his head to the side and met Cisco’s gaze with hungry, lust-filled eyes. A sly smile curled the man’s lip and with a flourish he threw back the long coat.

Cisco gasped and his heart skipped a beat. Kneeling at the feet of the woman was a small man, dressed in nothing but a wide leather collar around his neck with a silver ring attached at the back. A rope ran through the ring, down his back and secured tightly around his wrists, keeping his head pulled back into a perfect position. Each thrust of the muscular man forced the woman’s, very large, very thick shaft down the sub’s throat. Cisco stood transfixed at what was, very obviously not a woman, watching as the wet, saliva slick shaft slid in and out of the wide stretched mouth of the sub. Stunned, his own cock lengthening, he looked back up at the muscular man’s face, who smiled, revealing sharp teeth, and he winked at Cisco.

So immersed in the sight before him, Cisco yelped and nearly jumped out of his skin when a heavy hand landed on his shoulder and spun him around. He found himself staring directly at a smooth, massive chest. Slowly his eyes moved upward. Good God are all the Dom’s here required to be fricken huge, he wondered. This one was nearly as big as the bouncer, making him feel even smaller and more insignificant than he was.

“See something you like boy?” a thick husky voice asked.

Cisco began to tremble under the heavy hand, and tilted his head back and looked up into red glowing eyes. He opened his mouth to respond and snapped it shut, remembering the bouncer’s warning, but the glowing eyes held him and he couldn’t look away.

“Doesn’t matter either way to me,” the man grunted. His other hand reached out and grabbed onto the harness Cisco wore. “What the hell is this? You want to be a pony,” the man sneered. “Not too bright, are you, boy?”

Dread spread through Cisco as the man continued to laugh. He had wanted so badly to be part of Max’s world, to impress him enough to get his attention. Tears burned the backs of his eyes as another man joined the first and they both laughed and taunted at his inexperience.

“I’ll teach you to be a good little pony. I doubt your scrawny little ass can handle being fucked and ridden hard,” the first man snarled and shoved Cisco to the floor. “Bet I break you.”

“Don’t break him too fast, Zeek. I want a chance to ride your new little pony boy.”

Cisco was forced to his knees, hands resting on his thighs as he stared at the floor. He no longer heard their words as they continued to rain down insults and jeers, too lost in his grief. For three years he’d been waiting and preparing to meet Maximilian De Ferrari and it hadn’t been enough. The pain in his heart overshadowing his embarrassment and a single tear rolled down his cheek as others joined the first two men, surrounding Cisco pointing and laughing.


Restless, Max paced like a caged animal in the confines of his office. The calendar had mocked him for weeks, each day until November eleventh, when his Francisco would come of age, seemed to drag an eternity. Since first spotting the beautiful boy, he spent his days watching over him. Protected him from afar during the day and watched over him as he slept each night. His desire for the innocent young man had grown unbearable, until his love for him consumed him. As the days clicked slowly by, Max’s urge to claim what he knew in the pit of his soul was his became so overwhelming, he’d had to send Angelo to watch over his precious man, afraid he would no longer be able to fight the temptation. The last six months had been sheer hell. But, he knew Francisco would come to him when he was ready, this he had no doubt of, but the waiting was torturous.

What had once brought him pleasure and satisfaction now seemed hollow and unfulfilling. Now, when his fangs would puncture the soft skin at the rapid pulse of a man’s neck, Max would pull hard, sucking the life-giving force into him, yet would feel nothing. Even the pleasure-filled moan his kiss elicited no longer moved him. There was only one man he wanted to touch, to hold in his arms. The only person he wanted to sustain him was his Francisco.

It had been the same every day over the last three years. He took the blood his body demanded but he felt no joy in the act as he once did. It was now nothing more than a necessity. The same could be said for mastering a submissive while on the stage of Wicked Ground. His followers demanded that he display his ability to take a sub out of his head and send him soaring as he beat and fucked him. They still stared at him with wide, awe-filled eyes and bent low in respect when he approached, but again he was simply going through the motions. He was a master of not only those under him, but of illusion. To the outside world, those who he ruled, nothing had changed. He was still the most powerful vampire in the area, but inside everything had changed. He was in limbo waiting to be complete.

His skin itched, felt too tight as he sensed Francisco’s presence, soon he and Francisco would be one. His boy was now a young man and soon he would be his.

“Sir, he’s here,” Antonio called out as he burst into the room.

Finally! Max grabbed his waistcoat from the back of his chair and moved toward the door. “Is he alone?”

“Uh… well….”

“God Dammit! Spit it out! Is he here alone or not?” he yelled impatiently.

“Yes sir, he came in alone,” Antonio sputtered nervously. “I warned him to be careful, not to talk to anyone, or make eye contact. I kept an eye on him, but….”

“But what?”

Antonio shifted from foot to foot staring at the floor. “Zeek….”

Max pulled on his coat as he pushed past his second-in-command, rushing from the room. “I’ll rip that son of a bitch to shreds if he so much as lays a finger on him,” he roared.”

Zeek was a wild card, on the verge of blood lust and unpredictable. Panic rolled through his stomach as images of the broken and bloodless bodies of the sadistic prick’s victims flashed through his mind. The thought of him touching what was his spurred him on and he broke into a dead run, racing down the corridor toward the main club.

The door nearly flew off its hinges as Max charged into the club. He stood scanning the room frantically, his eyes settling on a large crowd that had gathered along the far wall. As he approached the crowd, he stumbled as he felt a faint beat in his chest. He quickened his steps, shoving people out of his way. He found Francisco kneeling on the floor, grief and anguish rolling off him in waves and a single tear glistening on his cheek. Mine! Rage filled him so completely, his vision turned red as a laughing Zeek reached out a hand toward his beautiful boy.

“NO... Damn you, no!”

In a blur of fury that lasted mere seconds, three vampires lay broken and crumpled against the far wall and the crowd began to scatter. Max fell to his knees in front of Francisco, his vision clearing as he reached out and wiped away the tear. Dark sad eyes looked up at him from wet lashes and his chest tightened.

Max took Francisco’s hand in his, the club disappeared, he was no longer aware of anyone, except his boy. A smile grew on his face as warmth he hadn’t felt in years spread through him. Dear God! Iunctio copula is true! His soul had found its other half and the promise of life.

“Francisco,” he said reverently as he looked into wide, stunned eyes.

He leaned in and gently pressed their lips together, tongue teasing, tasting, and then claimed Francisco’s mouth in a wet, warm kiss. He kissed him with all the passion that had been growing these three years, kissing him until Francisco panted and sagged against him.

Max knew with that one touch, a first kiss, that he would always protect him, care for him, and put no one above him. “You’re mine,” he whispered against his boy’s lips.

Cisco, still lightheaded from the claiming kiss, leaned back slightly, and licked the last of Max’s unique flavor from his lips. He blinked, stunned at the magnificent man in front of him. My Master, whispered through his mind.

The piercing blue eyes he recognized at once, they were the same eyes he’d seen each night in his dreams, but the rest of his face was new to Cisco and it was even more handsome than he’d imagined. Lean with strong, chiseled chin and cheekbones under pale skin that would make Michelangelo weep at their perfection. His thick black hair was pulled back away from his masculine face, a single untamed curl against his temple.

I’m not worthy, he despaired as the taunting laughs at his inexperience and stupidity still lingered in the air. Cisco hung his head, too ashamed to look into Max’s eyes.

“Francisco, do not turn your eyes from me,” Max said softly as he tilted Cisco’s head back up with a tip of one finger.

“You… You know my name?” He asked stunned.

“But of course,” Max said seriously. “You are my Francisco, my boy. The one I have been waiting for, the one who will make my heart beat again.”

Was it possible? Could Max have felt the same thing he had when he’d first been captured by piercing blue eyes? But how… Why? Benny’s concern came back to him. “Can…” he cleared his dry throat, “Do you control my mind? Is that why I came to you?”

“Of course not,” Max chuckled softly as he pulled him to his feet and wrapped his arms around him. “Only a heart has the power to rule a mind. Your soul cried out and mine answered.”

Cisco wasn’t sure he understood what was happening, couldn’t explain it but the way Max was looking at him as if he were precious was all he needed to know at this moment. He loved the way his stomach fluttered pleasingly when Max looked at him, the way his skin tingled when he touched him. How he felt free and consumed at the same time when Max kissed him. Being near Max felt right, as if he was finally, where he belonged, after being lost for so long.

He would do anything to keep that smile on his Master’s face, even give his soul.

Max began removing his harness and his cheeks heated in embarrassment.

“It’s okay,” Max murmured as he dropped the harness to the floor and placed a soft kiss to the top of his head. “I will teach you all you need to know.”

Max cupped his face with both his hands and stared into his eyes, making his knees weak. “Give me your innocence and I will teach you to please your master. Give me your heart and you will teach mine to beat again.”

Cisco stared back, mesmerized by the flecks of gold in Max’s warm blue eyes and everything became perfectly clear. He lowered his eyes respectfully, fell to his knees, and pressed his face against the well-formed thigh of his master. With absolute conviction he said, “They are both yours to master.”

His master’s hand thread through his short hair, a feeling of bliss surging through Cisco and he smiled. He was content knowing he would become everything his Master needed and with everything he was, he would make his lover’s heart beat again.

(For Now)


  1. Oh, now I think Masters and Boyd have competition! This is marvelous! I love how you've taken both pictures---Francisco AND Masters and Boyd---and turned them into such wonderful stories.

    Well, you certainly DO have to write more of Francisco and Max!


  2. Thank you Carol. Mammarella gave me such a great photo to work with and she set the stage! Now I have to give her the rest of what she wanted in the story. The Pain and Punishment part ~gulp~

  3. Really liked this - I hope I commented on the thread. I was so excited when mine was posted but so nervous too. :)
    So you're making it into a longer fic and including the part already posted? I was wondering if we were "allowed" to do that since it's going to be in an anthology. I'm obviously a newbie. :P I've already started a continuation of mine but I guess I just don't know the rules.
    Congrats on all your releases, by the way. :)

  4. Hot, hot, hot...hope you don't mind but I'm going to reference you and add a link to this in my Critique Club. More people should find you. Like today. :D

  5. I can't wait to read the full length story. Any idea when you will write it?? I am now going to have to read your other stuff too!! I look forward to it!! Thanks for sharing with us :D

    1. I'm hoping to have Innocence to the Max completed and by the end of the year. My deadline schedule with the current series I'm working on has kept me extremely busy, but the last book in the series is almost complete and I'll have more time to continue working on Max and Cisco's story.

      Thanks for asking about them!

  6. Ive been to your blog many times but I never noticed this short before. I tend to stay away from short stories because I enjoy reading the character development of a longer novel. But the BDSM and vampire tease made me want to read.

    Ok, I'm hooked and need more! Lol. You said in am earlier post you were hoping to have it finished by the end of the year. I've checked a few sights out and don't see it. Am I missing it? Please advise. I've been rewarded with a quite weekend at home with no kids and am in need of a new book.

    Btw. Finished Plan B last night, great book. I loved Danny. His confidence and commitment to be true to himself and happy is very inspiring. Loved the Toledo reference. Born, raised and still reside!