Thursday, April 7, 2011

Getting to know K.Z, Snow and Talking about Visible Friend

 K.Z., thank you so much for talking with me. Your featured book is Visible Friend coming to Dreamspinner April 27th. Where did the idea for this emotionally charged tale come from?
Hi, Jo, and thanks for letting me visit!
First, I can’t seem not to write character-driven stories. Human nature has always fascinated me, and people’s struggles have always moved me. So I was drawn to the idea of a doubly-wounded man (first, by his family’s rejection; then, by drug addiction) trying to heal himself. His orientation and location, which is a small town, make the challenge even more daunting. 

What do you like best about Christopher and why will readers relate to him?
His mix of determination and fallibility, I think. Chris is proud in a very unassuming way. He recognizes and accepts his lot in life. He doesn’t lay blame or make excuses, and he isn’t looking for a savior. He wants to prove he can get by . . . yet he does stumble, and realizes he must accept this as part of the recovery process. What’s more, his difficulties have made him a thoughtful and empathetic person. 

What can you tell us about his interest in Denny and why will readers be rooting for this unconditional love?
I can’t tell you much. Suffice it to say, the relationship proves difficult for both of them (in many ways, Denny’s struggle is more heart-wrenching than Chris’s) but acceptance of each other will be well worth their efforts. They’re both multilayered characters; they just have to splice their layers together so they’re equals rather than codependents.   

You’ve written many books. Does a new release still give you the same thrill as the first one? How do you celebrate a new release?
A new release is always a thrill, but of the double-edged variety. It’s kind of what a parent experiences when s/he sends a child off to school for the first time (although I don’t think of my books as my children!) But the pride is similar, and the anxiety, and the fear.

What is the most important thing you have learned throughout your writing career?

What else do you have in the works for lucky readers?
Dreamspinner will be publishing my fanciful romance, Abercrombie Zombie, in July or August. I’m currently working on a contemporary about jealousy, betrayal, and self-affirmation among a group of childhood friends on the cusp of adulthood.

How do you balance a writer career with the rest of your life?
Balance? Ha! I’m old enough and single enough (i.e. not married with a family) so that I can pretty much determine my own schedule. My BF has finally accepted this. We have our own little domestic routines, but he knows I’ll deviate from them whenever I have a mind to.

If you weren't a writer, you'd be a...?
Totally anonymous loser. Now I’m only a partially anonymous loser.  Actually, I’d probably go back to editing. I’ve worked as an editor in the Real World for two different publishing companies.

What's your favorite guilty pleasure?
Reality TV shows (good ones – of course!) and junking. I love haunting resale shops and rummage sales.

What other releases have you had recently and what can you tell us about them?
The most recent have been precious_boy (contemporary from DSP), Mongrel (fantasy-steampunk from DSP), and Electric Melty Tingles (a coming-out tale from Loose Id).  

What is your biggest hope for 2011?
That I appear on more readers’ radar and leave a favorable impression.

Where can readers find you on the web?
My blog is the most up-to-date and of my “presences” and also has comprehensive links (to my books, interviews, feature articles, etc.) – I have my own niches at the M/M Romance and Dreamspinner groups at Goodreads. I’m on Facebook and Twitter, too, although I don’t often visit either place. Frankly, social networking sites are too big a time-suck.


  1. Outstanding interview, KZ! I still have to shake my head in amazement at your productivity and your writing schedule in general. Plus, I love your titles. I mean, Abercrombie Zombie? What's not to like? :) I'm looking forward to Visible Friend!

  2. Hi, Val! Thanks for stopping by. Actually, I'm not all that productive compared with a lot of writers, who seem to have a book out every month or two. Holy jamoly! Compared with those hyperactive authors, I'm really a slug. :)

  3. Lovely interview you two!

    I'm just here to say hi and be all supportive and stuff.

    Holy Jamoly sounds like another good title, BTW. :D

  4. Great interview, KZ!

    I'm so looking forward to Visible Friend. It sounds like a great story. And I agree with Val, I also love your book titles.

  5. Wren, I swear, you're as dependable as ... well, definitely not my car. And I really don't want to say "as an old mule" or "the bowels of a Metamucil user" or "a reinforced nut cup." Hm. Damn, why did I even start that simile? Anyway, thanks for being your supportive self!

    Holy Jamoly doesn't meet my title standards, I'm afraid. Heh.

  6. Hiya, Lily! There are some pretty zingy titles cropping up in the genre these days. I'm afraid I'm going to burn out my thinking cap trying to keep up! ;-)

  7. Hi KZ. At least I'm not being all supportive like Wren or god knows what you'd call me. :-P

    Looking forward to your release and I know editing would be one job I would detest with the passion of a thousand firey suns. Once I know what the words say I don't care to read it again and again and again. Basically I'm lazy. Surprise.

    Great interview guys.

  8. Wren, it's always good to hear from you. Period. (How's that? *g*)

  9. Hey, Tam!

    Editing only taxes my patience when I have to repeatedly go over the same material -- like my own. :-) But when I'm reading something for the first time, my mental blue and red pencils automatically come out (which, I admit, often makes it difficult for me to get lost in a book).