Sunday, December 26, 2010

New Author Sunday December 26, 2010

Book Description:
It is Christmas Eve 1943 at The Powers That Be Café and Nat, the lonely café owner, does what he can to offer some warmth and comfort for families and lovers to say goodbye to soldiers who heading into battle.  When he finds Kent, a G.I. far from home, outside his back door, he offers him a hot meal, a place to rest and some much-needed comfort.  In return, the two men find themselves passionately entangled in taboo lusts and something deeper that neither of them

About the Author:
 Author: Xavier Axelson
Info: I am a writer of psychological horror that has been called Victorian/Baroque in its style. I have finished my first novel which is called "The Succumbing" about a young girl who discovers she is part of a powerful legacy which may be the key to saving her life and the very existence of her home town. I grew up in a small town where picking corn for two psychic farmers (they planted crystals all along their corn fields) was my first job. I have been writing for as long as I can remember. I enrolled in The Institute of Children's Literature when I was in High School as one of the youngest to be accepted into the program and washed dishes at a dive hotel with a grave digger to pay for the course. Once I graduated I moved to Boston where I studied Communications at both Newbury and Emerson College and earned an Associate and Bachelors degree respectively. While in College I worked as a female phone sex operator and was the resident dungeon master at an upscale fetish boutique along with hosting at a Jewish deli on the weekends. I lectured at colleges regarding sexuality, safe sex, etc I was about 19 at the time!

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